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One of the most common questions I get asked about business is the money side of things - or to be more specific, how to raise money to start a business.

See, funding a startup used to be much more constrained, one of the only real options was to go through a bank to do it. But recent times have shown us that banks aren't always the most reliable source of funding, and they're often not there when small businesses need them.

I want to help people get around that and find the funding they need for business, so in this video, I talk about 5 ways you can fund your startup WITHOUT using a bank.

Crowdfunding sites of merit:

Investor lists & funds:

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Here are 5 ways to get money for your business, each has lots of detail to it and ask if you have more questions!

Author — @SimonSquibb


1. Family and Friends (3:30)
2. Sell Services Ahead of Time (5:35)
3. Crowdfunding (6:46)
4. Angel Investors or Venture Capital (9:03)
5. Equity Partnership with Team Members (11:44)

Author — @MatthewAGilbert


Hi Simon! This is the first video I have seen from your channel and it was very informative. Thank you for creating and uploading!

My dream is to start my own brewery one day and I am in the first steps of trying to formulate a plan. I have never started a business before so I am trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible and this was helpful. Thank you!

Author — @ajb046


Thank you so much for this video.I couldn't be more grateful to you and the agent who helped throughout the process. Just got funded after trying severally! keep up the good work

Author — @thomasray5734


Simon, thank you. I’m looking at starting my own company, and the points you’ve raised make so much sense

Author — @OptimaMrL


You are aq legend Simon you are the only person to give it all for free to help others keep up the good work we need many more like you all the best

Author — @drealklassik


Simon, thought this was a great piece of content. Very engaging and extremely useful. Do you do mentorships at all of is this something you would consider in the future? I am 3 weeks away from a crowdfunding launch and wanted to gather any tips or tricks you might have? Lastly, I have joined a business with my closest friends and can feel the tension between us. I believe that we need to be more business owners and less employees, bogged down with repetitive tasks that I think we should outsource. Would you be interested in zoom call or just something to help me grasp where I should be focusing my attention. All the best and keep this up.

Author — @harryhaines1995


Thank you for the tips and I am quite new. Family & friends do help. But now in the progress of expanding and paying them back. Sometimes funny when our business grow and too much order receive... sometimes I'm stuck without cash.. however I'll stay positive and look more videos like this.

Author — @saifzm


5 Ways To Raise Money For Your Business by Simon Squibb
1. 3:37 Family & Friends (100% clear agreement)
2. 5:48 Sell Your Services Ahead of Time. (Client relationships)
3. 6:52 Crowdfunding (Equity Crowdfunding)
4. 9:08 Get a Formal VC or Angel Investor Onboard (Scary Way)
5. 11:56 Your Team Can Be Your Best Investors (Equity Partnership Deal)



very informative sir...im from the philippines and trying to raise capital for the business that im planning... actually im done with the planning stage...already talked to someone who will help alot in sales... also to the chemist, by the way its a manufacturing plant that im trying to build... a small one that is... already have a place in mind with structure for the plant itself... already got quotation for theequipments and everthing... ive done the costing for the produced products... and made system for the factory... ihave an existing trading business which i plan to incorporate it to the manufacturing because what im selling right is what im planning to produce... ive deciced to go into manufacturing because of the constraints that are given to be by the suppliers.... and i feel i will losecustomers if i keep relying on them because they could not supply my demands properly and my customers arealready getting angry at me.... please takenote that i havent skip or miss payments to them hope you could help mesir on this matter thank you sir

Author — @christianmadriaga3043


Sir you are a Legend, best advise ever! I stick from the beginning when you said that ironically best businesses started with no money at all, all you need is ingenuity and innovation! Love it! and then equity partnership I think is a very good idea too. Thank you! From Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Author — @limawhisky


Awesome stuff! Thanks for the tips. I will definitely make use of this in my future content!

Author — @jayhoovy


Some family and friends don’t help themselves for food or basic needs in some places
Nice video but it’s hard to raise any money for everyone else if you don’t have a road trip clear and a P&L that’s helpful

Author — @GNVLTD


Just found this video and found it very interesting, I’m self employed and have an idea to grow the business I’ve tried looking for a business partner with no luck but we’ve just sold our house and are mortgage free at the moment so will be using some of the cash from the house sale to move the business forward.

Author — @andycroston2433


Great Podcast and insight. Thanks for sharing Simon

Author — @dirkkollmann9202


I really like this last options. I've been open to finding a good fit for partnership role. Where does someone go to seek equity or partnerships as partial payment for their next job or career move?

Author — @BrianSullivan1


I don't have many of these, but what I do have is an eye for details, with that said iv always seemed to be able to see outside the box so iv had to start small and self inflation is my best option

Author — @shanefowkes7451


This is the most honest video on Youtube on this topic. Thank you!

Author — @ArtemiosFilatov


Thank you Simon for this great bit of knowledge

Author — @quiave


You are right! No money needed to be helpful person 😏

Author — @djdreamjobs