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A PlayStation PS4 Emulator that's capable of running commercial games has been released. Known as Spine its been in development for over 4 years and was just released publicly last week. In this episode we take a closer look !

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One small step for mankind, one giant leap for Bloodborne on PC

Author —  ShortHax


Hell yeah I don't care if it runs at 1fps in 2bit colour as long as it's got a debugger LETS GO

Author — Lance McDonald


Especially early on, I get emulators being closed source. The original developer needs that control at first to kickstart the emulator and set the direction they consider best for the project. If people just start forking the emulator to introduce hacks just to make their favorite games run, it's going to be extremely difficult to get developers on the main branch and consolidate accurate, proper fixes for those early issues.

Author — 3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7


i remember when i was excited with rpcs3 the first time it released even though it can't play anything, now look how rpcs3 grow they're able to emulate at 4k and unlocked framerate, some games are even emulated on 8k, it shows how much the emulation scene has grown
and really, we should appreciate these emulator developer, they think of their work as a piece of art and all we have to do is just to enjoy ourselves on their work for free

Author — alezcoed


This is a pretty damn impressive start for PS4 emulation. Still, it's too bad that we still haven't achieved the pinnacle of emulation: a fully working CD-i emulator.

Author — Wrestling With Gaming


I always assumed that PS4 emulation should be something that could be achievable and hopefully not that difficult since it does run on x86 architecture. We didn't get one as soon as I'd hoped, so I have to assume now that it's a fair bit more difficult even though it's the same hardware as a PC, but it's nice to see one finally.

Author — InfinitySwitch


Hidden side of emulators: Every successful emulator pushes PC versions to come sooner!

Author — srksii


The fact that this isn't Open Source is honestly just going to slow down the development of this emulator. The community needs to work on this so it can be at like, 60% playable in a year, not a decade.

Author — Natalie


Thanks for covering more about the nuts & bolts about emulation, programming, and the perspective of a developer+preservationist.

Author — Will Baker


For anyone looking to install Linux, dualbooting with Linux Mint is pretty easy and it's probably the most beginner-friendly distro, once you get the hang of it it's actually pretty nice for day to day use

Author — Not a Name


this is actually insane, given more time it could be amazing.

Author — Failure


Imagine if someone did a reverse engineering of a closed-source emulator, it'd be a sort of inception situation

Author — DarkH4X0


This is sick! I always thought work on a PS4 emulator would make more sense than a PS3 one, and I think being on Linux helps

Author — Taylor Egleston


Finally PS4 emulation. Now we wait another 4 years for it to be playable

Author — TieMajor


I love emulation - particularly for older games that are so obsolete in marketing ability they are basically ignored and forgotten save for the emulation community.

Author — Matthew Bartlett


Told my other tech savvy friends that emulation for games on the PS4 was here, he tried calling me out for bullshit, showed him this video and he believed it! Great video as always!

Author — Lettuce


It's great news for the gaming community as a whole. Now, a Vita emulator is also needed.

Author — Carlos Oyuela


The shown Linux distribution that he plays spine on is called Pop!_OS. What a great distro.

Author — Raphipod


The PCSX4 "emulator" is just a renamed mishmash consisting of some sort of open source game engine (to make it look more presentable). If you click on the download link there's a bunch of "surveys" and a shitton of ads; it doesn't even let you download the actual archive after having completed all of the above; the archive is password protected. All in all, it's a pretty elaborate scam, the main purpose of which is to display ads and make you complete surveys.

Author — Dmytro Sheludko


This is pretty interesting stuff. I can't wait to see how it comes along.

Author — Matt