TOTALLY CRAZY BEAUTY HACKS || Funny Beauty Tricks That Actually Work

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TOTALLY CRAZY BEAUTY HACKS || Funny Beauty Tricks That Actually Work 4.5

Awesome beauty hacks to blow your mind

Sometimes, we all need a bit of change in our beauty routine, in order to feel refreshed and follow the changed that happen in our lives. Well, in this video, we delivered. We are sharing with you some new and alternative beauty hacks that will help you change your look.

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4:24 you know that’s the perfect way to spread germs right?

Author — Eli Lewis


Ilove how they steal ideas from the internet ! Claps*

Author — nanah kovacevic


Like you can not notice they just draw smaller lips

Author — Melissa Rangel


3:40 you can clearly tell that she put lipstick on half of her lips.

Author — Crochet World


You Could Just Make The Dust As Freckles but Ok

Author — Eunice Bautista


I know how the girl got dark circles under her eyes it was from how long the edited there videos

Author — Selyna Escobedo


When she wanted her lips bigger it showed before and after it was to different people look at the nose

Author — 3 kookies


Hi I'm Hayley and I want you to know that I always have been watching your videos and I love Lana and Lilly and all of you'll to know that all of you are amazing

Author — Junay Coetzee


6:09 I believe that BLACKPINK first started saying “Happy accidents”

Author — -LateChips-


00:16 dose not make scene who in the world Accidentally puts all of there lipstick all over there FACE???? No scene

Author — Milk Tea


for lip plumping for the before look closer u can see dat she had half lipstick on her lips!

Author — penny sloth


3:39 you can see that they covered some of her lip with makeup to make it seem more dramatic-on the left side

Author — Julianna Long


The funniest part was when the girl glued her lip the way ger face look when she smield she looked funny

Author — Maliah Ross


When the girl put the glue on her lip my brain was like oh boy here is the new miranda sings dun dun duuunnnn

Thanks for all the likes,

Author — Eve-Eve games


Bella you look so bad with glue in your lips 😜

Author — Manish Sharma


I know when Lana put her mouth inside of the vacuum it really hurt

Author — Mom&Dad Piszko


To be honest the freckles don't look real

Author — mckenna gardiner


I like how the one girl was calling someone and then had to fix her lips because she messed up so she fixed it and never went back to the call 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Karen Batog


Wow. How do you come up with all this stuff and remember? you guys are amazing

Author — Dina Balzano


I like the part when Lana put the vacuum on her lips it was so funny I kept laughing and laughing

Author — Neon Kitty