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The Department Store | Mr Bean Full Episodes | Mr Bean Official 4.5

Bean takes a trip to the department store with a brand new bank card!

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💬 Comments on the video

He is lonely..but he is happy...i think this is how you live life.

Author — Aditya K


Mr bean is exactly how I used to think, feel and do as a child. Every thing that Mr bean does I have done it and I would like to do again to live childhood all over again.

Author — parineeta jalthuria


He can survive quarantine all by himself

Author — Aisyah Syakira Shukeri Affandi


Mr bean teaches us a lesson that "Do whatever that satisfyes you"

Author — i - R0K


Video: years old
Comments: days ago
This is what we call legacy. This was our childhood. He never spoke a word but made the whole world laugh. After Charlie Chaplain I started watching him and I never stopped.
Thank you Mr Rowan Atkinson

Author — Reshma MR


*mr. bean is genius because he makes humor without even saying a word.* 🇧🇷🙏🏽🕊💪🏽😎

Author — Júniorッ


His expression and body language makes thing more funny. I want this chill level in my life

Author — Ashish Bansiwal


This person is who that entertain the whole world without saying any word

Author — Hamza Danish


I love how all of the comments are very clearly young children. Love how younger generations still watch this.

Author — adisonsy


Owns a Master of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Queens College, Oxford
Also owns our childhood by entertaining us
This is the one and only Rowan Atkinson

Author — Chloe


Mr bean is old now👴i missed watching him🙄he makes us laugh even without talking🤐😶



This was literally my childhood, so much fun to watch.

Author — Alex Gaming


Who remembers mr bean
driving his car on top and on a chair legend

Author — Itsmeclownguy Yt


By seeing his subscribers we can know that mr bean is a legend

Author — Sai Sameer


every thing was gold in the 90's EVERYTHING .

Author — Warden


Oo bean
I used to watch u when I was child
Now I m doing job but I still watch u🥰🥰

Author — Aman


I love how he lives in a shabby apartment but dines at 5 Star restaurants! LMFAO!

Author — Sigyn-Sulpicia Slytherin


Sitting in this quarantine is going to be very annoying. Only Mr Bean can make me laugh in such a situation. If you feel bad then watch Mr Bean's video and have fun

Author — Hafizur Rahman


Someone -the love is in air
Mr bean- 2:08

Author — Shaurya Singhal


He is spreading so much happiness in the world that he shall be given the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! I love Mr. Bean!

Author — Kart The Explorer