Acosta to Sanders: Say the press is not the enemy

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Acosta to Sanders: Say the press is not the enemy 4
CNN's Jim Acosta asks White House press secretary Sarah Sanders to respond to Ivanka Trump's comments that the press is not the enemy of the people.

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Why even bother having this show? Her body language screams contempt for the media. She hates everyone in the room.

Author — Sarah McBeth


The workers Socialist Party of the 1940 ..used the news in the same manner and fashion as CNN.. can you here the propaganda machine.. personal opinions and feelings are not news...

Author — Independent glass Alaska


Say your a liar Jim I think it would be a good thing we deserve that

Author — dickelbuck1


I used to think trump might be wrong...but now CNN is real biased on trump which proves trump was right from the beginning

Author — Meta Universe


If DT was allowed to do anything he wanted to do, Jim Acosta, and many other reporters, would've been "missing".

Btw, it's hilarious how Sarah S. is playing the victim. That's republicans 101.

Author — Alex da Vinci


Watched Zucker's CNN for news this weekend, last month they had White
House bathed in RED, this week CNN has background of White House with
smoke or fog coming out of it ... Gerbils would be impressed !

Author — Jack Jack


Why is Jim looking for validation? Wow! Drama CNN

Author — mana Balagbogbo


You ARE a traitor to your own gender, Applebees. Thanks for setting the record straight.

Author — Luu Sapphire


Your not in control dude she's not gonna say what what you want!!

Your not in charge

Author — I love music!


You deserve nothing but being frog marched to Gitmo

Author — Dean


The real core is not that the press is the enemy of the people, it's truth is the enemy of this administration. This is just another distraction.

Author — David V


Depression is not the enemy of the people just you Jim Acosta NBC CBS m o u s e :-)

Author — Skip carlson


Does Jim Acosta now run the USA and does the media now believe it sets Government policy?

Author — Fidelisjoff


CNN is the enemy. Lopsided Reporting and Pro Left-Anti-American. RIP Acosta.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Author — Mike Ross


Hitler wasn't a one man show.
About time USA REMEMBERED that.

No 4th Estate = No Democracy.

Author — Angela Greenkiwi


SHS, your father brought you up badly #CrookedWH

Author — Tony Ng


How do we amend both sides without fueling this left and right war

Author — Sergio Wolfe


Fake News CNN should fire Jim Acosta, he always interrupt people when they talk

Author — John Smith


Praimfaya is coming!

Sorry what’re we talking about?

Author — Sid Wulf


I hope she never works again after this. This is dangerous

Author — Maranda Brown