What's behind the wave of Middle East protests? - BBC News

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What's behind the wave of Middle East protests? - BBC News 4.5

You might remember the uprisings in the Middle East in 2011. As dictators were toppled hundreds of thousands of protesters called for change, for freedom and a new start. Their high hopes came to very little and the region lurched back towards war and repression.

But the grievances that drove the 2011 uprisings - the so-called Arab Spring - never went away. 2019 might be the year it started again. Already protests have forced the resignations of two Prime Ministers - in Lebanon and Iraq.

Since October there have been big, mainly peaceful protests in Lebanon and extremely bloody ones in Iraq. And in Iran, hundreds have been shot dead at protests in the last few weeks.

BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen has been trying to make sense of it all in Lebanon's capital, Beirut.

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We will get our Freedom sooner or later. Rise up with peace and solidarity my brothers and sisters!

Author — saleh rifai


What do you mean "Middle East protests" ???
Maybe you should get your news somewhere else,
because you might not have heard but :
The 🌎Whole🌍Word🌏 is protesting...

Author — PSA de Lachute


For the first time I see a full non biased representation of what's going on there!

Author — Omar El Rifai


I see mostly millenials, you go guys I support you all, take your countries back from those corrupt elites.

Author — Rebell i Us Soul


Look at iraq and afganistan and iran in the CIA said

Author — Fitness Comedy & Parody MEME Central


0:58 so cute ❤️🇱🇧🇱🇧Lebanese & proud!🇱🇧🇱🇧❤️

Author — Seff Seff


It all started when the British and French broke up the ottomon empire into messed up borders for oil and set up west friendly leaders...

Author — Victor P.


Algerian protesters are still in the streets for over 10 months 🇩🇿

Author — GFR tube


Middle East: (Protest)
Hong Kong: ಠ_ʖಠ

Author — Old Man


Arms salesmen usually start the trouble.

Author — Albert Pike


Neo-liberal Capitalism is dysfunctional and cracks in the system are showing up simultaneously all over the planet.
There are very similar popular uprisings on every continent, right now.
Just like 10 years before the 2008 collapse of the global bank oligarchy, the fault lines begin at the periphery of the system, SE Asia, South America, Africa, and tear inevitably back towards the centres of Wall St., London, Frankfurt - where all the bankers debt was issued in the first place.
British Imperialism (the City of London) is still one of the major causes of global inequality, instability, and chaos. They don't really care as long as the interest and dodgy money profits keep pouring back to London.
If you want to really understand it, maybe read Immanuel Wallerstein on World Systems Theory.
Or Lenin.

Author — Monetising Dissent


see 😎 the reaction.

1990 ~~~2020

to whome we blame?

😈 Devil mindset
Greedy approch
business mind
bad leadership
many more....

Author — Jithumon Jithu


The rich get rich and the poor stay poor but all ways remeber have a good heart and the rest will follow pace

Author — Hawk Eye Station Paranormal


They only talk about middle east but they don't know about their countries sham on them

Author — Irsha Naseer


They talk about Middle East and they show Algeria.. great knowledge of Geography..

Author — James Cococo


no matter how many times they try to quell the rebellion... it will rise again

Author — Dihya Never Forget


This hapends in the uk too i just dont understand why we dont protest but then again wat good will that too

Author — Zee Beast


Sounds like a premonition of what's coming to the west. Similar issues brewing....

Author — northbadger


School in the day. And protest in the night..??? Wow...the orcs live off this kinda energy...keep it up folks...

Author — Debbie Marquis


Thanks to the US for taking oil, land and recourses. Yankees

Author — Asuka Ultrahd