The Sims 4: How To Create Clothing 🎓 | Import Meshes

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

In this video, I will show how to take your clothing meshes and put them into The Sims 4. This tutorial might seem difficult at first but it's actually pretty easy! I was not very familiar with Marvelous Designer or Blender but I was able to learn from a video tutorial myself.

If you have any questions or still need help feel free to contact me!
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Programs I Used:
Sims 4 Studio: (FREE)

Marvelous Designer: (30 Day Trial or $50 month)

Blender 2.78: (FREE)

Blender 2.70: (FREE)

The sims 4: ($49)

Editor : Wondershare FIlmora (FREE TRIAL or $39 per year or $59.99 for life!)

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The problem with most of these tutorials is that they often skip steps which confuses people.

Author — __


omg, BLESS YOU for making this tutorial!!!! I've been looking for a detailed tutorial like this!!! can you do a tutorial on how to place like pant textures etc on clothes to make them look realistic??? thank you!!!

Author — Shaystylez


I tried to make CC with other video's and it helped but it didnt fit in the ending when i was done, this one really helped me and i am really proud to say that i can official make CC myself! thanks to you <3 :)

Author — Blindchannxl


This is brillant I have been looking for a tutoral that shows meshing with marvelous desginer i I even have the marvelous desginer brought so thank you so much for actually explaing and showing. i tried to read a tutoral about this but it was too hard and confusing

Author — kellyA Sims


Thank you so much! I've made a couple tops but it's a real hit or miss with me so thank you!

Author — Zentacular Sims


Awesome tutorial, so easy to follow. thanks

Author — PantherGirl Simmer


This is so damn useful, thank you. I’ve been struggling trying to figure it out, turns out I wasn’t even close 😂

Author — Michuwulle Confusion


Thank you for this video.  It is very clear and precise.  I applaud you.

Author — She Loves the Purple One


You're sooo good at explaining c: Maybe I can be a noob at blender and actually do something now c: Thank you! <3

Author — Vie


Im watching how to sims 4 videos and I was wondering how to make clothes so I went to this video of yours and once im older im gonna follow your instructions ^^
Edit: This needs more views and likes, shes a good instructor!

Author — Vince Kannair


Hello! I love your thoroughness with the tutorial it really helped me understand how to...although I am not good with online 3D designing at all and am wondering if you or anyone you know would be willing to make a sims 4 cc dress or more for me paid or for free? Thanks!

Author — aVinylDaniel


This was a great tutorial and it worked! Although i'm having a bit of trouble..I use the same steps for pants/skirts but everytime i go in-game, it's like multiple hands on the sims. (kind of hard to explain) but I was just wondering is the steps different for creating bottoms?

Author — Caitrianna Henley


i can't even explain how much you helped me. i feel like the happiest person on earth now. thank you

Author — akilyrt


Oh my. I will never understand how people can do this. So many questions. What even is a UV?

Author — Sam M.


Thank you so much! Finally a video i can understand!!

Author — Arianna


heya, nice tutorial! just one question, how did you get the uv's of the nude model to stay?? they always dissapear when i merge everything :s

Author — arrrden


Can you do this with head meshes as well? Like, for example, if I want to import a characters head from a different game but keep all the facial rigging the same?

Author — Ron C


oh my gosh!!! this has been THE only tutorial that has helped!!! thank

Author — Meghan Holland


Hello! So I followed exactly everything with the weight transfer.. but my dress still clips through the sim when I use the sliders.. when I pull the sliders all the way down that’s when it seems to actually work. But I would love to know why the weight transfer isn’t working with the sliders I’ve been frustrated trying to figure it out for hours.. please and thank you

Author — Mae


thanks so much for your tutorial It really helped me! the only problem I have is when I want to bake the texture of my top. it also creates or 'bakes' it onto the nude mesh, i cant delete the faces of the nude mesh and only leave my top, it deletes everything? how did you get blender to only bake your original top?

Author — Lorelai Gilmore