Phuket Property Prices 2021 (Kata & Patong) WHATS THE DEAL ?

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Phuket Property Prices 2021 (Kata & Patong) WHATS THE DEAL ?
In this video we take a look at 4 different style of properties all with different buying options for sale here in Phuket Thailand

1/ Kata Top View
3 bedroom town house on 3 floors with a separate 1 bedroom apartment below
Price start from 10.9 to 12.9 THB
Rent 30 - 40k per month
1 bedroom 12k per month

2/ Kata Royal
1 Bedrrom large luxury apartment 94 sq meters
price start from 8.5 THB
Rent long term 28k per month
short term on request

3/ Phuket Palace in Patong
Price start from 2.9 to 3.5 THB
17k per month

4/ 3 bedroom townhouse off Soi Nanai
Sale 5.5 THB
Rent 22k per month

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💬 Comments

These videos showing different properties for rent and purchase are brilliant. Keep them coming 👍👍🙏🏻🙏🏻

Author — Andy S


Definitely rent I think. Even with discounts on sales the maths doesn't make sense, and that's leaving aside the capital risk and how illiquid the second hand condo market can be in Thailand.

If you're definitely there for life - maybe. But even then I'd argue it would make way more sense to invest your money in a much more stable and less risky property market and use the proceeds of that rented property to rent in Thailand.

Author — Will Smith


Nice to see something in Soi Nanai, it brought back memories. We stayed they a few years back and we enjoyed the expat feel that it had. It has got a lot bigger since those days, as has Patong. I think Kata is much the nicer place to be, but of course transport is a must!
Thanks for showing us what’s on offer, very wise advise to try before you buy. Being a bit older, we would always rent now, but Patong has become too big and noisy for us now, so Kata would be a perfect choice.

Author — George Jobe


The kata apartment prices are still way over the odds for rent and sale, you could half those ‘covid prices ‘ .
Ho pefully the prices fall realistically all across Phuket over the next year. I think we’ll be seeing empty buildings all over the island for some time to come

Author — Ian Jennings


Hi Richie and Maybelle. Great review. Thanks. Regarding the lawn you need to aerate it with a fork to a depth of 5cm ( 2" ) then apply a lawn fertilizer or Lawn builder and water consistently every day. Do not mow until it is about 7-8 cm (3-4") high.🙏 😎

Author — Paul D-Australia


Thanks for taking the time and giving us an idea of where we could stay, if and when we get a chance to visit Thailand again. On the other hand I have to admit, it is disgusting to see how much we are overpaying for the dumps we are renting in comparison. Even when considering the income difference, at least there is a chance of getting a place without having to compete with numerous other eagerly renters outbidding each other. I can’t wait to get my second covid shot and book my flight outta here. See you soon at the coffee shop.



In future videos would it be possible to also give the body corporate fees as this makes a huge difference to your ongoing expenses.

Author — Kadachiman


Great vlog, hope you do many more like this

Author — BigMick


When you can rent for peanuts buying in Thailand is insane.

Author — japers Jolly


My knowledge of buying real estate in Thailand was always you cannot own land in Thailand if you are not a Thai national, for sure you can take a 99 year lease, but own outright? I think it is a wise decision from the Thai government. The Japanese could not invade Hawaii, so later they bought it😎

Author — mublau


They all seemed really nice and decent. I really liked the one with the balcony right in front of the pool, I liked the look of the building. Sounds like a real hassle to buy unless your married to someone from there. Thanks for the tours. Cheers!!

Author — Karen Glaicar


Excellent video. Excellent and sensible advice. Would love to rent or buy one of those properties, just need to convince the wife !
Cheers Richie and Maybelle!
Thanks for sharing news from Phuket.

Author — Craig Winstanley


You did a very job explaining . Thank you.

Author — mitch B


Really enjoy your honest approach and love of all things Thai!, I watch it all!!
I’m a big Phuket fan!

Author — Freddy 4ever


Yes good idea to show some propertys. Look forward to seeing more places .cheers

Author — Harry Shannon


Would you be able to do some higher end viewings with prices. Thanks for the video it was very interesting

Author — Peter Thermocline


What are the higher end villas like with more of an unobstructed seaview, have they come down in price?

Author — Peter Thermocline


Prices in Thailand, especially the tourist areas will fall a lot more.
I have seen prices fall already by 40% in Phuket.
Watch in 2022.

Author — John The Accountant


The two properties in Patong i know…its not covid Price…normally Price for Rent and Buy. Better places in Hasipp Pee Road in Patong ( on the Hill) but Nanai Road have many good Restaurants, Cafés and Mini Shop as 7 Eleven, Tesco Express, etc…and Neal Banzan Market…Cheap Streetfood in the evening.

Author — Ingo Ziechner


There’s a lawn spray paint you can use on the lawn, chemically safe etc, turns it green instantly, very popular in America where this is a common issue 👍🏻

Author — GreedyCobra1