Video purportedly shows moment David Ortiz was shot

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Video purportedly shows moment David Ortiz was shot 4.5
Former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz is recovering from surgery after being shot at a club in his native Dominican Republic on Sunday, according to police.

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Smells like a smear campaign with all the junk pumped by CNN and Fox News.

Author — TruthSeeker4Life


Some jealous Hater did it, there is no shortage of em.

Author — Rick James


Love how the community took care of it quickly and captured one

Author — Milton Gimenez


I don’t know of this man nor watch baseball but I pray for his recovery and his family 🙏🏿

Author — Bieassia Law


That was at close range thank God he did not aim for the head

Author — Jermaine Lynch


CNN news cast about something other than President Trump. Wheew, its about time. Sad to hear about Big Papi.

Author — MrJayBee


Sounds like this was a hit put out on him.

Author — Melissa Miller


David Ortiz was definitely the target. ALL of those involved will need solitary confinement for life. 🤬👉🏾🤪
Get well soon from Mexico! 🇲🇽

Author — Cancun American


David Ortiz is heading back to Boston to go to Mass General Hospital ( the best in the country) for follow-up treatment

Author — James Ricker


The most famous man in the DR gets shot at point blank range in the back, and the bubble headed bleach blond asks "do we know if he was a intended target ? "

Author — Carlos Carlos


Nipsey Hustle, going back to his hood to help and spending time there like they had all love for him but it was jealousy everywhere. He's gone. Now Big Papi, another man who's done a lot for his hood is in surgery with bullets in him from an incident that happened in his neighborhood too. I made it out and not big like them, but I AM NEVER GOING BACK, because I know they that no matter how much they smile in my face and salute me, deep down, they hate my success and would try to kill me too!
Get well brother, we love you.

Author — The All Power Team


No I won't sign you're damn petition. God bless you though David

Author — 311gundog



Author — Mickey Fontanez


I'm a die hard yankee fan and hate the red Sox's . But I love Big papi man the guy has an amazing character get well soon Big papi

Author — Chevonaugh Walker


This happens in the US out of yellesy, Samy S.was cheated n everybody knows that. D.Republic players better off playing 4 Europe's team.

Author — Jay tavarez


we'll see what happens from the investigation, but something tells me that it wasn't random, and the rumors of cheating with a married woman and being shot by a corrupt cop, may be true...

Author — Ra Zor


I Dont Get Why A Person Should Shoot Big Papi, I bet The Person Who Shot Him Did Not Like him.Get Well Soon David!

Author — LittleStar Dreamer


The streets dont care about anyone ..ask Nipsey!

Author — T AG


Prayers for your speedy recovery David "Big Papi" Ortiz!!

Author — Chester Manaea


Whoever ordered the hit on big papi is a big fish and no one get to be a big fish in dr without government support. No one🔥🔥

Author — tony caba