USA vs USSR Fight! The Cold War: Crash Course World History #39

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USA vs USSR Fight! The Cold War: Crash Course World History #39 4.5

In which John Green teaches you about the Cold War, which was occasionally hot, but on average, it was just cool. In the sense of its temperature. It was by no means cool, man. After World War II, there were basically two big geopolitical powers left to divide up the world. And divide they did. The United States and the Soviet Union divvied up Europe in the aftermath of the war, and then proceeded to spend the next 45 years fighting over the rest of the world. It was the great ideological struggle, with the US on the side of capitalism and profit, and the USSR pushing Communism, so-called. While both sides presented themselves as the good guy in this situation, the reality is that there are no good guys. Both parties to the Cold War engaged in forcible regime changes, built up vast nuclear arsenals, and basically got up to dirty tricks. If you had to pick a bad guy though, I would point out that the USSR had no intention of bringing Laika the Cosmonaut Dog home alive. That poor dog never had a shot.

Sorry to disappoint, but the economist t-shirts are not a real product.

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So this what my teacher making us watch since school got cancelled...

Author — Aidan Asseff


who else is here because due to Corona you have Online classes

Author — N4hum YT


I saw what u did there. "Our" bad. Haha keep it up comrade

Author — Papa Stalin


how i learn about history
1% school
49% Crash course
50% my dad talking during long car rides

Author — Brandon Malley


How I learn history:

.1 School

99.9 crash course

Author — Jennie Thomas


To all the people complaining about bias you have to realize that all history being told by a human (which is all history) is coming from their perceived point of view and biases. Instead, of complaining about them get your history from multiple sources and put together yourself what you believe to be the most accurate portrayal of history. As Captain Price once said, "History is written by the victor."

Author — Jack McGranahan


Today I learned what “1st world”, “2nd world”, and “3rd world” actually mean. I’d heard the 1st and 3rd terms before and kind of understood them from context, but didn’t have a clear definition until now. Thanks, John!

Author — Trevin Beattie


In Soviet Russia, you don't write DBQs. DBQs write you.

Author — Kiede


Can't even shoot straight
What a savage

Author — Chandler Armstrong


"You're boring. Cue the intro." has never been so true of a statement regarding the interaction between the person in the present and the same person from the past.

Author — Souma Spiritus


I’m supposed to answer questions for a packet on this video, and he’s talking about silly putty and donuts. Thanks, for 5 questions out of 17!

Author — Hi Z


I’m Russian and live in the UK now but my parents lived in the USSR and told me how at school they were taught how to shoot guns and set off grenades

Author — Xenia


me from the past: i won't just watch a bunch of crash course videos before my ap exam
me now: i won't comment about just watching crash course videos for the ap exam
me now now: i am such a disappointment

Author — Amanda McLellan


"The past feels distant even when it's near, and the future seems assured - even though it isn't"

Author — Spotlight Moonlight


LOL So the U.S. funded terrorism against themselves lmao

Author — Federalcat30


Meredith going from Intern to Script Supervisor is the kind of glow up in searching for in 2019

Author — Kit Arencibia-Rue


"School desks are super good at repelling radiations"

Author — adeel ahmad


My brother: that's mean, what if he sees this video?
Me: I'm pretty sure he won't
My brother: Why not? Doesn't he have technology?
Me: No, he doesn't have a pulse.

Author — Abigail Combrink


"things were getting a little bit putin-y"
*bird noise*

Author — Liam Krueger


Stalin's letter to John Green: "Off to Gulag now!"

Author — Domnul Pământ