Turwinkle interviews the Way of Tushui

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

Turwinkle interviews the guild the Way of Tushui.

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Oh my gosh I think I got a bit high just by watching this. Your voice and your communication style is off the charts man! Really cool, I really enjoyed this, got me a bit interested in RP.

Author — bluebird


recently joined eh Way of Tushui, and I love these guys (and gals). Wonderful people, wonderful guild, wonderful theology behind them. Great job all, and thank you for the interview, Turwinkle!


Author — C C


Another great interview! I have seen the way of Tushui around a lot but never knew much about em>:)

Author — rakbel316


*sigh* my old guild…. Now i am in the guild called "Tower of Light"… (Not a paladin guild xD)

Author — Guathix