The Best NBA 3 Point Contest Performances

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 months ago

The best 3 point performances of all time in the NBA. Players like Stephen curry and Devin booker has the highest scores in the competition

In this video, I show you all some of the best 3 point players and performances of all time ranging from 25 points all the way to a Record breaking 31 POINTS. This record (28 Points) was held by Devin booker in 2018 where he won it, where the record was broken 3 years later by Stephen Curry.


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💬 Comments

Yoo that last shot steph made in 2021 contest 31 round I thought he air balled it man that was clean.

Author — king_Zed001


Steph is too good I faced him on 2k in a 3 point contest in first round and the finals one he dropped 40

Author — Kinglittleman33


Stephen curry the greatest shooter of all time

Author — MauricefromYT


Curry got commentator saying "where is Klay Thompson when you need him" In 2021 . certainly the undisputed 3point 🐐 shooter

Author — Brian Wainaina


12:32 They added the net so they can see if the ball goes through the basket…you can barely tell he made this shot

Author — TimIsCool


It's so impressive to me that booker won the contest in his 3rd season, against a top 3 shooter ever candidate(Klay).

Author — Samuel Gehm


Should’ve included Larry Bird’s near perfect run

Author — mattsee45


I don’t think im a big fan of the whole money ball racks. Dude can miss a whole regular rack but still end up with 25+. Keep it classic with the one moneyball at the end of each rack.

Author — Juice


Literally Steph's compiltaion, so inspirational!

Author — STDX


Can we get a compilation of Reggie Miller saying "And his money ball rack is his last rack"

Author — Losing Money with r/wsb


Talking about best shooting percentages may surprise some. Single round: Craig Hodges (21/25) 84%, even twice. All appearances: Buddy Hield 73.5%.

Author — Bill Crow


I know the points were surpassed but that's because they added more to the 3 point contest. How could you not put Larry Bird's run on here?

Author — Danny DangGang


Can’t compare the rounds where they have the Dew Ball. They have an opportunity to get 6 more points than the older guys

Author — JJ


Stephen Curry is my favorite he should be the king!

Author — Eli Snyder 23 NBA


Stephen curry is an amazing shooter and I new he would win this and bro you are a living beast.

Author — Thomas Guevara


What about the one where bird went out in a warm up jacket and torched everyone. Just bc the didn’t have the money ball or money ball rack doesn’t mean they shot the ball any worse

Author — Eli Yarrows


"28 is now the all time record"

Curry: So you're challenging me eh

Author — RedScarr


Crazy to see KATs reaction to Dbooks 28… who’s here in 2022 after KAT beat his record and won with 29???

Author — Gavinator36 !


Probably with some luck he could make an old style run in the Bird/Hodges contest, but sadly he has the chance, then the league change the rules, maybe to make him a record man here too, NBA loves record performance

Author — NeVale LaPena


Steph did the 2 27s without the Mountain Dew shots.. they would’ve been 30 bombs

Author — Tony Sang