YU-GI-OH! 5D's I Yusei summons Majestic Star Dragon against Harald I Eng sub

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Yusei burnt his entire hand for this combo. lol

Author — Netherwolf6100


Imagine he draws all fancy like and the card flies backwards cause of the wind. Rip.

Author — Ben F


Saw this after the announcement of new support for Majestic Star Dragon

Author — Sigmarth Cipherius


Yusei: It's here! I'm counting on this card to make a comeback! I set one card face down....
Harald: Thanks for telling me Yusei. I activate Speed Spell: Mystical Space Typhoon!
Yusei: Welp, sh*t...

Author — Life


Anybody else a little ticked the announcer didn't blow into a hype at the summoning of this card? This monster deserved a little recognition here.

Author — Z'Arc


Yusei : Ore no turn . Shoukan, Toksh shoukan, Toksh Shoukan, Toksh Shoukan, Toksh Shoukan, Shinkro Shoukan, Shinkro Shoukan :>:>:>:>:>
Harald : WTF

Author — Phantom_ Knight 107


2:43 5D's definitely had the best CG monsters.

Author — AsiansLoveRice


I fanboyed so hard when he summoned Majestic Star Dragon. It was such cool and unexpected moment.

Author — Crimson Hero


30yr old me playing yugioh again

me: I put one monster in face down defense and set two traps. I end my turn

Author — ohsnapzitzmeng


You know your opponents strong when Yusei has to summon Majestic Star Dragon and Shooting Star Dragon to beat Harald.

Author — NateJustStoleYourWaifu /AkatsukiNate9


Damn, 5D's still looks cool after those years.

Author — 純也様


2:20 When you hear this theme, you know its gonna be epic

Author — Ωhmα PlayMaker Beyblade


Stardust Dragon: Subtle but strong cosmic being of great power

Shooting Star Dragon: Great shining beast with charisma that reaks "HERO"

Majestic Star Dragon: Drops like a comet very rarely and shows why it can only be around for 1 turn

Shooting Quasar Dragon: The pinnacle of Synchros and shows you what a boss monster is.

Author — Ijonkilledyou


This dragon looks beautiful, all Yuesi dragon is awesome because I really like white

Author — 藤木遊作


The way Yusei performed 5 Special Summonings during his turn is just FANTASTIC!

Author — D. Tran


If only Fusion from Arc V had more combos like this instead of top decking Three eye dice and Den Den Duke.

Author — 4Horsemen of The Apocalypse


I love my Harald but I love 5ds so much so I love them all. Yes I was just crazy next level stuff.

Author — Maxwell Ward


@2:20 goosebumps everytime that theme plays

Author — Hector Dubon


Can we all agree that synchro fusion Era were the best

Author — Arm At Mans


the fact that yusei didn't combine his duel runner with majestic star dragon makes me wonder why he did it before

Author — VanguardPlays