ACA/ACoA Reparenting - Soothing Your Inner Child In Stressful Times, Toronto ACA Conference Nov 2020

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Soothing Your Inner Child in Stressful Times by Louis B - Introduction to ACA Reparenting & Introduction to the ACA Reparenting Check-in. Presented on Zoom in November of 2020 for the annual Toronto ACA Conference.

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Thanks for making this video, healing from dysfunction is so hard and having to be your own parent can be so painful, especially when holding a lot of resentment around a dysfunctional/alcoholic childhood

Author — Taylor Colby


I finally got the Inner Teen, and in so getting, I finally got (understood) the Inner Child when you contrasted the Inner Child's contraction with the Inner Teen's inflation. Now it all makes perfect sense. Thank you.

Author — LAGoff


This workshop is so helpful and comforting. Thank you. ❤️

Author — Nancy Norris


HI Louis, thank you for your service and for uploading this video. I'm sure I will keep coming back to this.

Author — Scott Stacey


Thank you so much for sharing this insiteful and helpful video. And for telling your story. It's interesting my perception of you growing up in a recovery family, I would think that would be "ideal." And because I wasn't there. I can only hear that it wasn't as functional as one would think. And I really appreciate you reminding me about gentleness, humor, love and respect. As it does not come easy.

Author — Diane Ibsen


Hi Louis, Thank you for this video - can i ask for optimation on this video for people with disabilities? utilizing the tools youtube has to offer -- if you dont know what this means i do this for work and can i help you do it if you dont know how - i am also ACA / Alanon and other 12 step programs. I also have disabilities and there are optimizations for people like me who have disabilities that would make it easier for them to navigate and understand the content within this video based on learning styles - this might seem weird in a comment but even if i set it up for me it would be greatly helpful for referencing this video as a tool and im sure other as well. feel free to reply to this comment if interested we can find a way to connect instead of me posting my number or contact publicaly. Thank you for posting this content.

Author — Gabby Oglesby


Subbed you are so calming ❤ I love this video thank you

Author — Candy Hearts Art


47:00 grounding me
who in me is triggered

Author — The Zach