Bubble Party is Legit you can make money with this app

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 months ago

Do you want to make money with your phone? Do you want to have a ton of fun while you do it? If so, then check out Bubble Party!

This app is legit. You can make money with it by playing games and winning prizes. It's easy to get started and you can make money right away. So what are you waiting for? Download Bubble Party and start making money today!
Hello everyone this Bubble Party app says you can get money and they are not lying I just got payed today from this app!!

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Why do you pause the recording before each image change? You're not being transparent and actually going into the apps. For all we know you could be pausing and opening a fake screenshot in your gallery...

Author — @elizabethbrack6844


How long did it take you to reach that amount? Weeks? Months? Days?

Author — @brycemumford5219


Yes but not like 20k per month like on their ads. Their ads are bs. Plus you have to pay taxes too. PayPal report the money you earned

Author — @GraysonVoisinet


They have bots in tournaments, they turn off app reviews, they are after new customer

Author — @phongangeljnas


It's essentially a gambling game, with payouts far lower than legal for legitimate gambling. No amount of skill will ever pay off. People who claim they're making all this money at the game are either liars, or they work for the company. I always see people with impossibly high scores, so either the game runs bots to keep more money, or people are running cheat apps. Do NOT waste your money on this.

I'm guessing this is a paid promotion.

Author — @halfcirclehranch6877


Total lie. I have 25.50 in winnings and if I withdraw, I get to keep .10. Literally 10 cents.

Author — @katiepeterson9629


I tried to play and "cashed in" twice. No money FAKE GAME

Author — @donnaflint2667


How do you sleep at night being a gaslighter?

Author — @linkhardin