EFAP #180 - Denims vs. Jay Exci: The disastrous state of Twitch streamers w/ Sitch & ShortFatOtaku

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0:00 Where’s the Halo coverage?
6:00 Picard Season 2
8:06 Moon Knight
9:20 Introduction
10:37 Boats & Crackers
14:18 Jay’s Adventures
15:54 A brief intro to Denims
19:51 Backpacks
22:30 Why am I muted?
23:31 Zoomer Lingo
30:35 React Streamers
35:10 Rags’ drink
42:08 Denim and Demins
45:58 Back on track
48:21 Fringy’s Microphone Criticism (Part 1)
54:45 Denims Opinions, Boobies, and Hot Tubs
1:03:05 Streamers
1:20:53 Emotes
1:26:41 Stupid or Joke?
1:28:36 Jay is wrong
1:31:19 Oral Hygiene
1:32:33 Jay is still wrong
1:49:27 The Rollercoaster
1:53:00 Inner Monologue Tangent
2:02:45 Morality
2:11:28 Low Effort Reaction
2:16:45 A Classroom with Denims (Part 1)
2:23:00 An Interesting Little Rabbit Hole
2:25:39 Assuming Intent & Motivations
2:31:42 Animators
2:41:05 Denims’ Stealing Rules
2:47:24 Maybe Denims Is Stupid
2:49:00 The Willy Incident
3:01:11 Bad Boys
3:09:44 Denims Role in Life
3:11:40 MXC
3:13:30 Denims Work Ethic
3:27:20 Worst than irrelevant
3:31:53 Greedy & Lazy
3:34:40 Toilet Tangent
3:37:33 Psychological Defence
3:44:27 Jay is unlucky
3:47:39 Blackout
3:58:04 Simpsons, Hitler & Biden
4:00:36 Brains running at zero mph
4:05:05 Masochism & Humiliation
4:09:57 How she delivered “point 1 of 2”
4:11:47 The Second Point
4:19:05 Re-interpretation & Spoons
4:27:51 Echoheads & Crows
4:33:26 Toilets Spontaneous Growth
4:36:43 Two brain cells
4:44:45 Watch your ears!
4:49:56 The Stupid Dumb E-Girl
4:52:47 One Punch Man
5:00:27 Denims Brain Farts
5:12:03 A Copacopia of Cope
5:15:42 A Drama Farm
5:18:34 Denims has a point
5:26:20 A Broader Topic
5:31:29 Denims Mea Culpa?
5:33:40 Rags Rant
5:35:44 It’s a trap!
5:38:16 Spite Driven Criticism
5:45:01 Music & Frogs
5:47:26 Denims vs Comments (Part 1)
6:00:54 Pride in your work (GDELB)
6:04:34 Ending Stream 1
6:09:49 A Classroom with Denims (Part 2)
6:12:10 Denims vs Comments (Part 2)
6:20:33 Jay vs Comments
6:25:00 Denims The Advisor
6:29:00 Denims The Lawyer
6:32:38 Most YouTubers Likes It
6:40:36 Denims The Lost Cause
6:43:35 Masterchef with Denims
7:00:56 Vox with Denims?
7:06:45 Denims vs Jay Debate: Contradictions & Concessions
7:28:00 After Debate
7:32:56 Denims Makes A Video
7:38:12 Fringy’s Microphone Criticism (Part 2)
7:40:04 Assumptions
7:44:30 Denims vs Comments (Part 3)
7:53:52 Jay’s Alternatives
7:57:27 Criticism of Jay’s Video
8:06:25 Interesting POV
8:10:53 Denims vs Comments (Part 4)
8:17:57 Streamers Are Curators
8:24:14 Viewers Are Lazy
8:28:12 It’s ok to steal
8:32:05 Denims Conclusion
8:35:40 Comment Showcase
8:40:30 Pinned Comment
8:41:54 Hangover
8:49:47 Thanks and Ending

Author — Julian Doe


This debate was intense. I can't believe Denims absolutely destroyed Denims like that.

Author — Bexarath


The worst part about Denims is how she repeatedly tries to gaslight her audience into believing a very calm Jay is "mad and spite driven"

Author — Aidan Aidan


Lesson of the day: "Everyone can be a streamer, not everyone should be."

Author — Jose Gonzalez


Those who proclaimed "I survived EFAP 93" had no idea of the suffering yet in store for us.

Author — Wadsworth


"Tweedle Dum just said Tweedle Dee doesn't know how to make arguments." Possibly one of my favourite things Mauler has ever said.

Author — Connor Hull


Denims asking “What does ‘take pride in your work’ mean?” says so much more than MauLer could ever say about TFA. And I thought Jebby was sheltered.

Author — Smug Alice


"Content creators are disincentivized from leaving their computer"

Yes, because they're the ones creating the content in that venue. This just in, musicians are disincentivized from leaving stage during their concerts. Policemen are disincentivized from just wandering off while on patrol. Teachers are disincentivized from leaving the classroom during class. What the hell is this woman's point? How is she trying to play the victim card by pointing out a basic feature of her chosen profession? You're perfectly free to do whatever you want when you're not on camera. Jesus, we're barely a few minutes in and I already wanna pound my head into a brick wall.

Author — Phoenix


Two big takeaways from this EFAP:
1. Jay is frustratingly nice and charitable. I’m not kidding, it almost makes me angry how charitable Jay is towards Denims and the other people who have reacted to their video on react content. At the same time, it’s also great to see someone who is this nice dealing with drama. It just shows how good of a person Jay is.
2. Denims is probably the worst, most blatant liar that EFAP has ever covered. No one else has ever been as vile and manipulative as her. Even when Quinton Reviews, Jack Saint, and Eric Taxon were directly lying about EFAP to their audience, at least some of the lies could be chalked up to a misunderstanding of what EFAP does. And at least they are consistent incorrect beliefs about EFAP. Denims will say one thing behind your back, then say the exact opposite to your face in order to appear as the good guy. She’s a venomous, lying snake that should never be trusted.

Author — Leon 13


If we can conclude anything from these streams, it's that Jay is a f*cking saint.

Author — Stijn Van Den Heuvel


Listening to her is like neverending hell, make it stop. Poor Jay.

Author — Cyrus K


I love how Denims and Hasan can't wrap their heads around living a healthy work-life balance, and its the viewers' fault if they get bored of their stretched out, sub par content.

Those two should be thankful that they fell upwards into a living on Twitch, because there's not a shadow of a doubt they would fail horribly in any blue or white collar job.

Author — Guaves


Jay Exci found some good friends in the efap crew.

Author — random person


When you have solid principles, you don't even need to remember what you said, you'll stay consistent as long as you adhere to your own principles.
When you have none, you need an amazing memory to remember everything you say in case you contradict yourself, just to stay consistent.
Denims is what happens when you have no principles, no short term or long term memory and the brain power of a furby.

Author — Crimson


Jay: Calmly explains why what happens sucks and it shouldn’t happen.

Author — The Aspiring Writer


Mauler, you deserve an award for the pain you must have endured watching all of that and editing it together.

Author — Dark_Selaphiel


I think it's funny that there's pretty much a precedent now that, if you criticize someone more popular than you, you're a clout chaser. It's so stupid

Author — dresden


"What take pride in your work even mean?" - Denims.

This is up there with "Gimli wanted Frodo to die", "Pretend it's what you wanted and see if you like it", and "You farm rhinos for milk and ivory." in the EFAP hall of shame.

Author — Arko


"When life gives you Denims, you make life take the Denims back!" - Cave Bilbonious Johnson.

Author — BirdsElopeWithTheSun


Gonna quote Guardians of the Galaxy here:
"Everybody's got dead people. It's no excuse to get everyone else dead along the way."

Author — Embers