Trump goes one-on-one with Laura Ingraham at El Paso rally

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Trump goes one-on-one with Laura Ingraham at El Paso rally 4.5
President Trump discusses border security during an exclusive interview with Laura Ingraham prior to his Make America Great Again rally in El Paso, Texas.

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Look how red Trump's eyes are. He needs rest. Hard to believe this man doesn't take an 8 hour sleep.

Автор — Daniel Malice


Amazing man. America is a better country today thanks to President Trump. Beto is a furry.

Автор — Kevin


Man, his eyes tell much. I can't imagine the stress he faces every hour of day. I don't know how he does it, but the American People have your back Mr. President

Автор — Proudpatriot28


One of the best presidents we have ever had....and they fight him at every turn. I can only surmise that the Democratic party is a legion of traitors to the Republic.

Автор — Mik902


So President Trump was in El Paso and had many, many thousands of supporters show up for his rally. Down the street Beto O'Rourke had his rally where it was believed that there were more light bulbs at his rally than people. Great Job Beto!!

Автор — hawkdaddy64


I consider myself to be a liberal, and i agree with 90% of what Trump said, and that says everything about where we are right now as a nation.

Автор — Aaron Armstrong


God bless the greatest country in the world USA, it’s legal citizens and the president!

Автор — It’s me Who cares


I'm a millennial but do not have any wishes to support the socialists views of my generation. Appalling.

Автор — Marlon Quintana-Nieto


Why are Millennials gravitating toward radical socialism? The answer is very simple. It's not just a result of radical Marxists who have been allowed to take over our universities, it's because of federally backed student loans. Trump needs to end the federally backed student loan program. End it. That way, kids won't go into crippling debt that will ruin their future, and these universities will no longer have easy access to funds that supports their radical curriculum and propaganda. Without student loans, universities will be forced to abide by the free market. That means they will be forced to get rid of their radical Marxist professors who have taken over.

Автор — ShadowMan


Trump... please take care of yourself! Rest.. AMERICA NEEDS YOU! Our prayers are with you and for you! MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY!

Автор — Ria Mum


The democrats treat the country like they hate it and want it to crumble and fall apart. They want crazy communist green deals, they want no borders, they want to impeach the president without any reason to impeach.. they are the party racing to the bottom. If democrats ran the USA we would be worse off than Cold War Russia.. oh and they want to change our entire culture and all ideals we stand for. They aren’t American values.. they need to take their communism and move to China.

Автор — Hazin


Trump basically just told Elizabeth warren that it’s ok to be white 🤣🤣

Автор — Aloan Pikachu


"Breaking News!
'Trump to start deporting Democrats.
Mexico responds by starting to build a wall."

Автор — Jack J



Автор — JENNIFER Holland


My question is why isn't Hillary in jail.

Автор — Catman Do


God Bless our President!! Remember Heaven has gates and walls and hell is open to anyone!!

Автор — Cristy Smith


We want to investigate the Clinton foundation’s, Benghazi incident, what happened to the SEAL team and Obama on Iran deal

Автор — Who Know


“I got a letter from Pocahontas...” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Автор — mp353


I love your President's candour ... it's unbelievable how he has withstood the hateful onslaught from the Democrats AND simultaneously succeeded in MAGA.... in a myriad of ways ... His love for his American people and his country has set a positive precedent for the World to follow ... a once in a lifetime President!!

Автор — L Henderson


Pray for President Trump. GOD BLESS YOU SIR!! GREAT MAN!

Автор — The Swing Trader