AMD FX Bulldozer CPUs in 2020 — Worth Using?

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

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I got an FX-8350 clocked at 4.3GHz and paired with GTX1060 6GB. All modern games work great at 1080p medium settings .

Author — Murat


My Fx 6300 held me down for years and it is still being used as a work desktop for my aunt now. I feel I really got my moneys worth out of it! I switched to a 3600x and it was like a night and day difference. AMD really has pushed the boundaries with Ryzen and I am excited for what the competition brings in the coming years! I am going to see what the new AM5 platform brings before upgrading 🙏

Author — Brian Vasquez


literally the most interesting YT channel to me

Author — Vernon Ray


In my mind I think AMD Fx 8000 series were a good balance among price performance for such times. I know Intel i5 25000 and i7 2700 were better, but they were more expensive.
The AMD fx should be used with a good motherboard and good ram. In other words, well equilibrated and they were good budget cpu.
You could buy a R9 380 with a fx 8350 and 16 gb ram at a good price and they were good.
Today, Ryzen are good óption but they are so expensive sometimes.

Author — seujiro hiko


I had a 1100t for nearly 10 years and upgraded to the fx 8350. It did well in many games (when I clocked it between 4.4-4.8ghz) but it became very clear it wasn’t enough to play a lot of these newer games especially unreal 4. I night a Ryzen 3600 and never looked back.

Author — S1lverspike


Ran a fx-6300 until November. Only retired it because with an rx 570 and 144hz moniter i was struggling to get above 60fps, or im some games dropping way below 60fps (vermintide 2). Upgraded to Ryzen 5 3600, now i play at 60+ fps fine.

Still have the fx-6300 because i gave the old PC to my wife paired with my old hd 7870. Thing still runs great, she plays all of her games fine, including witcher 3. She doesnt play much AAA though. Eventually will upgrade her to a ryzen 3, or give her my ryzen 5 and i upgrade to ryzen 4000/5000.

Author — Elliot McConnell


My first pc build was a fx 6300 and a second hand hd 7950 and it performed okay for a year until it got replaced by a 6600k and a 1070. I can only imagine how horrendous that old pos would be now with my current pc starting to show its age.

Author — EMCG


I use FX chips, I have quite a few tbh I quite enjoy Ln2 overclocking them. Fun platform for ln2 for sure! Full pot and no CB or CBB issues that i've ever encountered :)

Author — Matt26LFC


The idea was interesting, but it was a very flawed core design. The L3 on the 8350 wasn't that much faster than system RAM.

The cache on Zen CPUs is on the chiplets, so it's 7nm as well.

Author — Nico Volker


You just HAVE to overclock it. Otherwise it's pretty useless with modern titles. ACO it's very playable, however, Atlantis DLC (Atlantis realm especially) it just hammered my 8350. I had to crank it up to 4.6Ghz just so it wouldn't drop below 30fps. Btw, Horizon Zero New Dawn benchmarked it @54fps average 1080p medium/high settings (I have a GTX 970, lol)

Author — LosVendettas


FX? Hahaha. I'm still on Phenom. (I swear, I have a Ryzen system ready to build, just lack time to build it. Well, actually, moving everything over to it is what is stressing me out.)

Author — L. Scott Music


My secondary system has a FX-8150 (4, 75Ghz OC all cores), Sabertooth 990FX, 16Gb of 1800mhz RAM.I took a RX 5700 XT, enabled Hardware Accelerated Scheduling with the Radeon 20.5.1 driver.
For 1080p it's definitly a bottleneck, but for 1440p gaming it actually holds up quite well, and if your target is gaming in the 60-120 fps region it will perform decent.Warzone was by far the one game that gave me the lowest fps hovering around 80-90 fps on average.

Author — John-Erik Hagen


When I bought a FX 8320 8 years ago because it would last me longer (new consoles with 8 cores were coming) PC gamers around told me I was mad. But they had to upgrade way sooner than me, out of necessity. And they're saying the same thing about 6 cores now. They never learn. I upgraded because I wanted better graphics. Not because I couldn't play. I didn't really care about high fps, and 60 was double what I had on my ps3 and PC would be an upgrade anyway.

Just discovered your channel by the way, and I love it.

Author — PolitiX


Eh older builds are ok, i’ve made a few,
Rocked an fx 8320e 1050 ti build 16gb ram, it performed ok for the time I had it, defiantly lacking in alot of different ways
My secondary build has an i5 4460 with a 3gb 1060, much faster than the fx build with a decently similar gpu, so this means don’t run off an fx cpu it won’t last for ever

Author — Trod


I have a
FX-8150 8 Core 4x4 split CPU in a weird way.
ASUS R9 270X 2G OC Version
4 SSD's IN RAID-0 for multi tasking and instant load helps and
"no over load crashes".
2 Spare USB 5T Hard-drives for files saved.
32 gigs of Hyper X Ram.
I really love my system it's spectacular..

But My New One cannot be touched..
all new and insane speeds and power ...
Specs are everything you could dream of at top speeds is in that system.

Author — EVIL QTip


I got a couple of boards that could be upgraded to an FX chip, at least, and make them compatible with current software, still. I only have one though, an FX 8350, which I bought second-hand for $60. Nowadays, sellers are wanting $70 for the 6300. *What?! Why?!?* an 8350, for $60, is fine. but not $70 USD for the 6-core model.

Author — Jorge Ramos


I used to have fx-6100 clocked to 3, 9Ghz using blck, not multiplier. Edited images & played some games with gtx460 -> gtx670. Tried i5 6500 at work & was shocked how much worse it felt. Gone were buttery smooth transitions while pulling sliders in my RAW image converter & even general Windows usage felt stuttery. In my opinion little fx-6100 was one of the best CPU's I ever had - at least for the time.

Author — Hannu Kurkela


I feel like this is a troll question. Who is still wondering about an FX processor? I had the 8320 and an 8350. Great chips. In regards to gaming, once they got long in the tooth, a modern i3 performed better in gaming, especially when games at the time used only a couple of cores. If you want to play AAA games, it was time to retire the FX a couple of years ago.

Author — 1982 Original


I have an Phenom II X6 1090T XD and it served me good so far but now it's time to finally change ^^ - 5900x on its way

Author — Laurent Weisgerber


Ive had an FX 8350 and it was not bad i upgraded from Phenom II 955 because that thing was slow for today games.I couldnt even play GTA 5 normally with that but ive brought FX 8350 for just 100 bucks paired it with 1060 and boom i was saved for another 2 years till now.I could play unplayable Forza, Doom GTA 5 at max GPU settings "kinda" Doom Ethernal was disaster with it i dunno what ID software did there meaby they got onto more threads and that killed FX.Thats true if Developers still cared for FX people then that would be cool even today.But sadly as you said more and more logical threading cores were launched thx to Intel and people just upgraded onto that and were saved because marketing pushed them there.

Author — sparcolonsdale