A Look Inside the Queen's 6 Lavish Royal Residences

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A Look Inside the Queen's 6 Lavish Royal Residences 4.5

A Look Inside the Queen's 6 Lavish Royal Residences
Queen Elizabeth II, Of Her Entire Portfolio, Her Prime Properties Are Split Between Four "Official Residences" and Two Privately-owned Residences — Passed Down From Her Father, George VI. It's in These Six Opulent Houses That the Queen Spends Almost All of Her Time.

1. Crown-owned: Buckingham Palace, London, England. Foxtons Estate Agents Valued the Queen's Headquarters at Over £2.2 Billion
2. Crown-owned: Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England. Built Under William the Conqueror in the 11th Century, Windsor Is the Longest-occupied Palace in Europe. It's the Queen's Country Residence. She Spends Most Weekends Here.
3. Crown-owned: Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland. Holyroodhouse Is the Queen's Official Scottish Residence. It Is Also Where Mary, Queen of Scots, Married Twice.
4. Crown-owned: Hillsborough Castle, County Down, Northern Ireland. Hillsborough Is the Queen's Official Residence in Northern Ireland, Made So After the War of Irish Independence Meant She Could No Longer Occupy a Royal Residence in Dublin.
5. Private: Sandringham House, Norfolk, England. Sandringham Has Remained Privately-owned by the Royal Family Since It Was Purchased in 1862 by Queen Victoria.
6. Private: Balmoral Castle – Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 50 Full-time Staff Are Employed at the Fully-functioning Estate That Houses Ponies, Deer and Highland Cattle.

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But the most saddest part of all this is that inspite of soooo many riches the time span of a man on this planet is so limited !!!

Author — Saima Faisal


I think the finger pressing the number button, really spoils this video.

Author — June Johnson


The music is enchanting... anyone know the title?

Author — MrsVSNC09


I am sure the Servent Staff enjoy the castles more as they are in them the most..and earn their living in each one...

Author — Sandra Crosby Guerrero



Author — Chiquinha Azevedo


I would love to visit these to see all the history hidden inside 😍🤤

Author — Rain Targeted Individual


My sister has a flat in Windsor, from the kitchen window we can see the Round Tower.

Author — Tuula westra


There is a saying that if you took all the money from the rich and distributed it evenly amongst everyone, it would all end up back in the same hands.
True, I think. People are different. Bitching about how much some people have is pointless. That’s humanity; some people are clever, smart, streetwise and some aren’t. You get what you settle for. Whatever your reason!

Author — Reg Plate


Such an obscenity. So many people in need around the world

Author — Benvinda Raposo


👍You did a wonderful job, splendid view's & very beautiful relaxing symphony music🙏it brought many memories back to me...🙏😢💐🌸🌼🦋

Princess Diana's 18th Cousin 1 time removed, & Prince Will & Prince Harry's 19th Cousin

Author — Susan Spencer


Looks so attractive & amazing.. But no peace in mind bcoz when we lok around left n right many of our bro's & Sis's are dying in hungery no place to lay down their head..

Author — Ato Natso


Beautiful, wonderful video, and you put great music to it.

Author — coashddjj2


Sandringham and Balmoral must be a nightmare to maintain.

Author — Michael Godfrey


Can someone tell me the title of the background music? TIA 😊

Author — Peachy Hadid


So many enormous palaces in a small island for the use of one family

Author — Sylvia Drummond


These visuals and the background music takes me to a Fairytale dream and I get lost in it. ❤❤❤

Author — Suman Raj


This is one of my travel list London.. to visit the queen’s place🙏

Author — Emelita Llaguno


The Queen residences are truly MAJESTIC, they are beautiful.

Author — Baby Lon


One thing Im sure I am much happier than the Queen even though i have nothing being a poor man.

Author — Reynaldo Salaño


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Author — josiah waweru