Coleman Hughes on Critical Race Theory with Christopher Rufo [S2 Ep.27]

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Welcome to another episode of Conversations with Coleman.

My guest today is Christopher Rufo. Christopher is a documentary filmmaker and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. He has almost single-handedly led the national fight against Critical Race Theory, as it manifests in public schools and in workplaces. I haven't said much about this subject yet. So it was great to finally dive into it.

Christopher and I talk about where Critical Race Theory comes from. We talk about diversity training in the workplace, segregating people by race, various anti-critical race theory state laws and whether they are a good idea, what business owners and CEOs can do to fight critical race theory, and much more.



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I asked my woke friend, “You know how we are all born with an innate essence or nature, with gifts in certain areas and weaknesses in others, like our innate personality?” And she said “You mean what skin color you are?” I said “No, I’m talking about stuff deeper than outer appearance, like intelligence, humor, depth of character, artistic gifts, etc.” She said, “I don’t know where you’re going with this, but people are born into a skin color that determines how people will see you.” I was like, “But that’s not all there is, there are way more fascinating traits in people than their skin color.”

She got triggered.

Author — Jedi Child


This was very good, Coleman. Thank you.

Author — Jennifer Mugrage


Thank you, Coleman. This is happening to my company, where I have worked for over a decade, and it breaks my heart into a thousand shards. I’m looking for another job, but I love this company, so it makes me very sad.

Author — sivacrom


Coleman has almost perfected his Sam Harris impersonation.

Author — Michael Rodabotasure


We need a million Rufos and Colemans shaping the public debate. Listening to shallow race essentialist activists is insufferable. They need to be pushed from decision making roles, and be allowed to debate their ideas to eachother elsewhere. They are a hazard to susceptable minds.

Author — MCA


Such a fruitful conversation. Thank you

Author — Shahram Javani


Chris really held his own in terms of argumentation and gave some good defenses to coleman's critiqures here. Pleasantly surprised to see Rufo had more depth and creditibility to his more contentious ideas. Wasn't expecting to see such a defensible line of reasoning for these anti-CRT bills. Good faith arguments from both of you!

Author — Rafi


Interesting conversation I haven't heard from him yet thanks for doing this

Author — Clint Byrne


I really appreciate you both taking on this issue. I grew up in places that were inner city black majority to ones that were almost entirely white and people would argue if the Swedes were better than the English or vice versa and so about no race or sexual theories in public schools. Color blind meritocracy is in fact the only way forward for this nation and the wider world. May the best win. E Pluribus Unum.

Author — SJL


Remember that saying from the 60's, "Free your mind and your ass will follow"? To me, critical social theory of any kind is about the INTERNAL processes an INDIVIDUAL should go through to determine which of the beliefs and pre-conceptions that they hold near and dear are self-determined and which have been externally imposed by society. So I can get behind the premise of applying critical social theory to achieving a color-blind society (free your ass) by first determining how we have been shaped by race (free your mind). That said, critical thinking in general is all about using objective, rational thought to put a data point into context. Contemporary critical race theorist are so far off the mark when it comes to putting race into context that I would consider them some of the weakest critical thinkers of all time. Yet somehow, the CRT's have grown into one of the most powerful hegemonic forces of contemporary society. So ironic.

Author — Chris Opall


I’m really enjoying your intelligent talks with very intelligent speakers. It was recommended in my YT feed. Thank you

Author — Ruth e


I’m an atheist, but thank God for Christopher Rufo! So smart and even more effective. What an inspiration…

Author — Scott Furman


Coleman… love your intellect, curiosity and clarity. Interesting guest.

Author — Marlene Chism


Ideology is for those who refuse to think

Author — GlobalRoamer


There are things that parents can do. You can opt out of things like completing intersectionality forms. You can ask questions of teacher and principals such as what exactly is meant by various terms like "Whiteness" or "intersectionality" and so on. Ask to sit in on classes. As a taxpayer you have the right to do these things

Author — J J


Identity politics inevitably leads to ingroup/outgroup mentality.
Ingroup/outgroup mentality inevitably leads to tension between groups.
Tension between groups will inevitably harm everyone, and minorities will suffer the most.

Author — Alkis Mavridis


Nobody in this discussion actually knows what CRT is, sadly. I'm very curious as to what these people studied and what their credentials are related to.

Author — Clutch Bangstrip


Agree with Rufo's style or not, without sabre-rattling conservatives like him to resist the institutionalized madness coming from the far left, things would get very dark, very fast, likely for a very long time. David French was never going to prevent any of this; to the contrary, he was one of the first to bend the knee and endorse the new left's intolerant orthodoxy. I'm grateful someone's actually fighting back.

Author — cowabunga, dude


ATTENTION EVERYONE: Please remember that "Critical Race Applied Principles" = C.R.A.P . Thank you for your time!

Author — Tee Kaybe


my company based in Bloomington MN is starting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as hiring as a consultant to advise on this.

Author — MoggAssassin