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Ok, "Don't hit the Bride" is a given...…*however* is it ok to take out the mother in law? or should I charge extra for that....:P (Kidding. - great tips guys)

Author — DeElroy


You uploaded this perfectly on time for me! I’ve got my first wedding today and bringing the drone

Author — jakee


Maybe another tip: Make sure you got your ISO correctly!

Author — Nomad Drone Man


Maybe one more tip: make sure you can legally fly at the location and are not in any restricted area, such as airports, harbours, military restricted zones etc. You should always check that.
And don’t forget to charge your batteries up front. Nothing worse in a time pressured shoot than not having enough battery life and needing to charge.

Author — Steven Peeters


An important tip that was taught to me: Always attend a wedding with AT LEAST 2 drones. If you want to capture the moment the couple walks out of the church, one drone must be in the air shooting and the other one must be on the ground, all 4 motors turned on and ready to fly off in case there is a problem with drone 1.

Author — Twenty69


I really enjoy your videos! I just got my first drone, a Mavic 2 Pro. I’ve binged watch almost all of your videos! Thank you for all the tutorials!

Author — Danny Wilson


well done guys, all good advice as always and some lovely shots.

Author — inkyspider1


Good tips. Thanks guys! Lots of Venues here in the states in Nc. Looking forward to doing some weddings!

Author — Phoenix One Productions


Thank you, its a Joy to listen all your tips and experiences, soon ill take those tips to use. great video by the way.

Author — Living Mexico


Thanks for the great tips!! Really appreciate your information again!

Author — drone camper


Nice compound moves. Are you doing those manually?

Author — Richard Chisum


About to do my first wedding.
Thanks for the tips👍

Author — wesidefoos


Fantastic tips! I couldn't agree more. Cheers!

Author — theFATEfactory


Great tips and information. I realize this question depends on location, experience and things like that. Would you please tell me your pricing and what you provide. Thank you

Author — Howard Prince


Thanks for the tips i make drone footage on my friends wedding

Author — Rex Merino


What software do you use for your editing course?

Author — Michael Regish


Awesome tips, and thanks for sharing.

Author — Ron Brown


Thanks for all your professional info👍

Author — Bluegrass Drone Guy


You think a Spark is a good tool to shoot wedding videos?

Author — The RC Bat


Hello I'm An aspiring drone pilot and looking at getting my first drone I wanted to ask if you know if the mavic 2 pro is good for photography and weddings

Author — Joshua Van Lehn