Fatoumata Diawara 'Timbuktu Fasso'

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Stellar Malian actress/songstress Fatoumata Diawara performed with her band at The Sanctuary for Independent Media on April 28, 2016 and brought down the house.

Here she sings her powerful lament about the ancient city of Timbuktu, under assault by religious fundamentalists:

This is Timbuktu, my home land,
Where the children are mourning from gloom,
This is my land, Timbuktu «the Maliba»,
The land of love,
The land of warmth,
The land of dignity,
Here is my Nation…
Why are we crying?
Why are the children crying?
Why are the young crying?
Cause of unfairness,
Cause of violence,
Fearing the future…
Here is my home
Stop crying
Cause no matter what, Timbuktu will remain


Elizabeth Press
Jay Wilcox
Jill Malouf

Camera assistant: Dylan Bodnar

Sound recording: Troy Pohl
Producer/house sound: Steve Pierce
Director/switcher: Branda Miller
Post production editor: James Bohuski

John Bashengazie

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Music that speaks to your soul with natural voice Africa and Africans stay blessed 🙏

Author — Merhawit Lema


Incroyable Femme, belle comme un soleil, sa voix nous emportes si loin, sans comprendre ses textes vous rentre dans le coeur Merci Madame

Author — Jose Dubois


Music is truly a universal language... Love from South Africa 🇿🇦 ♥️♥️

Author — Nthateng Nthati Kgosana


I’m 39% Malian.Very high percentage than anyone from the US..We called my late paternal grandma Mamou which means grandmother in Mali.Im loving her music, most likely a root blood lineage connection.

Author — TiYah Israel


Bless Malians endlessly. Liberty to Mali 🇲🇱 2020

Author — Martine Kimpton


What a song, what a performance, what a passion, what a deep meaning, what a WOMAN!

Author — Dion Kamil


I could feel the song in my soul.Africans are beautiful & hardworking people, unfortunately their leaders & government is letting them down.

Author — Modymody Piper


Rich woman with rich performance mixed with appealing history with her rhythm. BAYAkAlOooo- BoYaYah- Fassooayahh- Siddiyou- WalAa 1st time hearing her . The lady with lovely voice everything expressed by her is special Its Everything you wanted the eardrum to experience such joy (what’s she saying anyone) throughout her fantastic flow

Author — Mark H


Beautiful music from the daughter of Africa. The brief introduction of the song itself is so touching.

Author — Davies Jiva


I discovered her music a few years back. She's one of my favourite singers!!

Author — Ivan Dubinsky


A benchmark for the beautiful side of the human soul. Just found this woman tonight. So thankful

Author — Alpha Chimera


I learnt about The great empire of Timbuktu.
Her voice is beautiful

Author — L Impact


I don't understand the language she sings but I'm obsessed with this timbuktu song

Author — Llord ma'z


What an amazing band! Loved this. I’ve been checking out her music since reading about her in guitarist magazine, really loving her stuff and opening up my musical horizons a bit!

Author — Robert Brice


If only someone could interpret lyrics of this amazing song to English or swahili. I never knew such songs exists. I'd love to listen to more of such in our current generation.

Author — Marvine Aluko


fatoumata your music is awsome, greetings from sudan ❤

Author — Ibrahim Alkoum


Song is life, song is harmony, song is happiness and sadness, and it tells of flying up to the sky, and of sinking into a hole opening in our soul, song is life. May you forever sing free sister

Author — wojtekhappywarrior1


I don't understand her language but I love her and her kind of music. She's my birthday mate. 🇳🇬Love from Nigeria.

Author — Odunola Foluke


Fatoumata is also my sister's name. Over a decade ago in Bamako I met a child with the voice of an adult. She was a toddler at the time. She must be 15 or 16 now. I think she was from Troare tribe. One of her grandfather's name is Dembele. He is an artist, Bogolan. I came to study with him. I would like him to know I have not forgotten any thing. Hope to see you all again one day soon. Love Julie Ann

Author — Julie Ann McCormick


Beautiful, the lyrics are in the description, they're trully beautiful.

Author — Noa Kogman