How Donald Trump thinks about foreign policy

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How Donald Trump thinks about foreign policy 4

Trump actually has a philosophy on foreign policy, and its terrifying.

Donald Trump’s coziness with Vladimir Putin, casual talk of taking Iraq’s oil and abandoning NATO, and muddled messaging on whether he'd deploy American troops to battle ISIS makes it easy to assume that the GOP nominee's foreign policy is a jumbled mishmash of ideas lacking any coherent philosophy.

That couldn't be more wrong. In fact, a close look at Trump’s public comments leads to a very different conclusion: Trump has a distinct worldview that knits together many of his specific proposals. We can sum it up in a word: transactional.

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"I have a good brain"... no one with a "good brain" would say this, lol

Author — Maher F


"I have a good brain." "I know words. I have the best words".

Author — Navadeep Sharma


Oh wow this was posted in 2016. Really makes a lot of sense in late

Author — James Bethell


"I am speaking to myself, I have a very good brain and I have said a lot of things" - 45th P

Author — maker


"Take the oil. Take the oil. Bomb the oil" Donald... i think taking oil, and bombing oil, are very different things. It doesn't take a genius to realize that bombing oil is not a good idea.

Author — spaghetti george spaghetti


american: hows brexit?
brit: hows your governmant?

Author — Mike Smalling


I shouldn't have watched this. I'm freaked out, now. It's actually worse than my imagination.

Author — Bear Warner


You lost me, when you said we don't do imperialism. L O L

Author — isaac anthony


"How do we take the oil?"

"Easy, just kill people and steal lands like Americans always do!"

Author — Stanley Chaney


when trump complains about the taxes he didn't pay being spent on the wrong things 👌

Author — Bruhm


More scared of Trump followers than Trump. It boggles my mind not that Donald Trump wants to be president, but rather that so many people want it.

Also, if you wanted a Democratic president, we shoulda ran with Bernie. Guy's record is clean af.

Author — blarblablarblar


"take the oil" sounds like bush invasion of iraq

Author — adam b


How Donald Trump thinks about foreign policy: he doesn't.

Author — doomdavid101


"Trump thinks"- What an oxymoron :P

Author — Dab Berman


In Britain "Trump" is another word for fart...😂😂😂

Author — Alexandra Blackburn


i just love how people want to see a comparison with Hillary's foreign policy. what Trump said about taking other people's oil and increasing the countries with nukes, should disqualify him as a president.

Author — George H


I hope Vox will analyze Mike Pence, who is as establishment and as mainstream as they come. He voted for the Iraq War and supports taking out Assad. Additionally, he's the one leading Trump's transition, thus making him the one calling the shots the Administration. I came across something very interesting in my investigation: Mike Pence was a voluntary member of the Silk Road Congressional Caucus. This "Caucus" was completely set up by the oil lobby, according to the LA Times, and indicating Mike Pence is probably a modern-day continuation of the Neo-Cons. Check out my Youtube channel for a complete video on Trump's peculiar administration, as well as a video describing the oil lobby being deeply involved with the Syrian Civil War!

Author — The Political Realist


Not a fan of either Hillary of Trump, but whenever I hear an audience clap for something ridiculous a candidate says, I'm like, "Are you serious?" Are they clapping out of politeness or genuine stupidity?

Author — Jessica Nguyen


"easing tensions with strength"
who is this phsyco

Author — sathnidu athauda


Why no country do pay in the NATO like the US ? because all wars done were for american interests especially under bush son & father administrations where they invaded and bombed and killed leaders illegaly and they're getting away with it until now.

Author — skeptic proof