How to Use a Quilling Comb - 4 Different Ways | Quilling Comb Basics | Quilling for Beginners

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A quick video to show how to use a quilling comb - 4 different ways!

Learn to use a quilling comb to add unique designs to your quilling crafts.

Types of quilling combs:

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And this really old video on flower buds:


Hi there! I’m Meredith, art school grad and mama of two awesome and incredibly energetic littles. I fell across paper quilling by chance and fell in love with all the amazing things paper can do! Follow along as I roll tiny quilling creations and I promise I’ll teach you everything I know!

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And just like that, you have potentially saved me a TON of time! I just started learning to quill as of yesterday and I've been gluing EVERY. SINGLE. LOOP. It's such a simple concept --if you don't glue every loop you don't actually need to worry about making sure the layers are flush. Thank you, thank you very much! :)

Author — Lovey Hill


Thank you so much for your easy to follow videos!!! I've wanted to try quilling with a comb for ages, but it looked so complicated and now you've showed me how easy it is. I really appreciate the slow and patient way that you describe how to do it!! Now for lots of fun practicing.😁

Author — Caroline Booth


Thanks for the reminders as I have not used my quilling comb ( or rat tail hair comb🙈) in quite a while as I have been using other cutting- embossing combos. Love the suggestion of starting with the needle tool and skipping it over onto the comb. I can see the advantage of the actual quilling comb with the even tines. Love the “ C” weave. I have loved using that for lotus flowers in the past. Just watched a bunch of your videos today. Great . Thank you. Marjorie from Georgia US

Author — Marjorie Park


Very good tutorial! I have seen people use a regular hair comb too... have you ever tried that? This looks so intriguing! I really need to make some time to try it! I love paper crafts! They are so inexpensive to mss as we but turn out so beautiful!

Author — Discovering The Art of Living


My grandma just got me this quilting kit and I had no clue how to use this quilling comb. You explained it perfect. Can’t wait for more videos!

Author — SisterCrafts 4Fun


I have not started quilling yet - but my supplies are on their way. It looks like such fun with beautiful results!! Actually, my comb just arrived in the mail so I'm going to check it out, then come back and try making some of these leave. Thank for a very clear and understandable video! I have subscribed and I can ee I'm going to be learning a lot. What type of glue do you suggest? Right now, I have Elmers in one of those bottles with the tiny nozzle that I use for making cards.

Author — ML White


I have an onion dicer grip tool that looks identical to that comb you are using and now I have another use for it! Thank you :)

Author — Stephanie Chicoyne


This is a good video. I like your calm way of explaining the steps. I just learned about quilling today after we were sent a quilling card for our anniversary. This is super pretty art work. Not sure I have the patience for it though.

Author — Dee Sprueill


I absolutely loved your video. You have such a calm, clear manner in teaching. Most videos seem to be on speed dial -- trying to get it done in record time. I usually cannot get what's going on, so in essence, I'm wasting my time. But your videos are different and I thank you for that. I will be looking for more from you. It's been wonderful.

Author — Helene Matthews


Hi Meredith, only found you a few days ago. I taught myself, through a book, to quill a few years ago, with a toothpick, as I didn't have the tools, which where I live, is expensive. Just the basic shapes. Haven't done it for along time though. Never knew about the quilling comb. I have made a diy one, so now to watch your videos, to see how to do it, and if it will work.
I just wanted to say, thank you, for taking your time, and slowly clearly, explaining things. As I had two, other people's videos pop up on my phone. But, , they do not speak, just show, not even words on the screen ( that maybe would have helped, though probably then would not have been able to see) And what they are showing, they are doing it so quickly. So needless to say, I didn't continue watching. So thank you for the way you do your tutorials. I hope to learn, how to make flowers and butterflies and lot more, from you.

Author — Cheryl Hoggan


I'm glad I found your explained it very well and made it so easy.

Author — hcviagedor


Thanks for the awesome video!! The last one you showed was a perfect filler for my flowers.

Author — Jen Bixler


Thank you for posting such a clear video. It’s been a joy to watch🌼

Author — Susan Morrish


Okay, this is more my speed, lol. Looks much less aggravating than the husking board. I love the idea of trying different hair picks and combs. I think I liked the last idea best. Interesting looking little piece. Nice demo!

Author — pannalover326


I just got my 1st kit. I feel an another addictive craft coming on haha. Thanks for sharing. Do you have any tips on how you store your paper stripes once you've opened them please? X

Author — Janet Butler


Thanks for the information. I have a question about tearing the end of the quilling strip versus cutting it with scissors. Does tearing the end of the strip provide a more seamless result? I've been cutting a straight edge with sharp scissors. Thank you very much :)

Author — Janine Beauchemin


Thanks for the great tutorial you explain everything so well xxxx💕💕

Author — Gloria Jordan


awesome. well explained everything so simply. good work. keep it up.

Author — RC


enjoying these videos..your quilling comb looks like it has pointier ends, making it easier to slide the coils onto. I haven't been able to find any like that...?

Author — Elaine


I love his video. You mention different “combs”. Have you tried a double sided pet grooming comb?

Author — Lou Ziefflie