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Zach Hemsey - The Way

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Author — Ben Lionel Scott


1.Because i wanna make myself proud
2.Because i know i have it in me
3.Because i wanna make my momma proud
4.Because i live With no regrets
5. Show the haters

Author — rens0212


"You gone have to be wired differently" 💯💯💯

Author — BroadwayyyTV


amazing video. i love how much time you put into them. keep it up, you’re doing a great job.

Author — supreme 019


MOVING. This one made me tear up. Thank you, BLS. Namaste

Author — Ramon Z.


I listen to this every morning, keeps me level headed. To all of us going through that rough patch. Lions don't give up!!!!

Author — Avery Jefferson


you always keep the bar so high for quality of motivational vids man - keep it up

Author — Porridge565


Love these 4:00 min vids, perfect length and so well made! Thank you for posting

Author — M Pham


Amazing work my friend, keep going :-)

Author — Ondřej Doležal


That goosebump when you see Messi.. great video bro

Author — Terabithia TB


Ben your videos are amazing

They are part of my day to day routine💪🏻👌🏻 keep them comming!

Author — Erik Houde


Keep making these videos! You’re the best on YouTube for motivation.

Author — Daniele Colbertaldo


Just love when comfort zone is challenged. Well constructed video in deed!
Thanks for the good vibes!

Author — Tee Polgar


You had amazing posts. You made a person better than before. From Indonesia with the power of positive we ll change the world

Author — putu suamerta


I watched this while working out and now everything hurts😂

Author — Maya Vogl


for those who watching this plz watch swami mukundanandha for spiritual motivation..🙂

Author — u cant define me easily


A true hunter....a message to all us men. All of us men transform into the hunter

Author — Jared Hiller


Thanks, I needed this. My life has been very bad. I recently had to swap school. Then became beaten up for liking a dead trend. I was just flipping markers... Then everyone thought I faked my videos. This motivates me. - A random teenager born with DCD. A bad disorder.

Author — A Caffeinated Potato


Bro, your stuff is extra sauced, i appreciate ur videos you never miss anything 4rm the soundtrack to the choice of speakers.... keep it going . You're a blessing 🙌🙌🙌

Author — buy bem


Somebody tell me the title of that background score

Author — doctor strange