Marvel's Phase 4 Panel Blew Our Minds - Comic Con 2019

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Marvel's Phase 4 Panel Blew Our Minds - Comic Con 2019 4.5
We react to all the news and revelations Marvel Studios including the Black Widow movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, WandaVision, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and more!

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Doctor Strange will be the key to everything between Fantastic Four and the mutants

Author — Mr. Bradley lll


Scary Doctor Strange movie?? Nightmare is here!

Author — Anishka Sharan


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Hyped already

Author — Doctor Strange


So excited for Doctor Strange 2 and Thor 4

Author — Alon Mercer


"I... Am... Inevitable"

"And I.."
"The motherfucking stretchy guy in blue spandex."


Author — Squirrel


I love the fact that phase 4 is trying out new genres of movies like horror and martial arts

Author — The guy who shit his pants


Dr. Strange 2 directly connected to WandaVision is probably the most exciting in phase 4 form me. Chaos - Magic - Multiverse.

Author — Teddy friel


The Doctor Strange sequel really intrigues me because the director of the first one is known for his horror movies

Author — Daniel Fake


A Horror movie with Dr. Strange and Scarlett Witch where they’re trapped in the Nightmare Realm SIGN ME UP

Author — RoSmash


DR. Strange and Thor got me so excited. The fact that they said Dr. Strange would be considered as a horror movie is very very exciting. I love this idea heros can pop up at any moment in other movies. This has always been my thing that the Dr. Strange universe would be a golden opportunity to re introduce Ghost Rider or show us the Hood. Marvel should go all out and get trippy and supernatural with it. And Thor. Love and Thunder sounds like a metal 80's song and that's just awesome for me.

Author — andrew aguilar


We all understand that this just a taster for the D23 reveals, right? Like if this is what they reveal for the fans imagen what they will reveal for their shareholders😍😍😍

Author — Brody Scarborough


Marvel killed hall h this year. See you soon D23

Author — mike taylor


I’m so pumped for an actually strange dr strange. Wanna see more magic!

Author — Rob Vel


Blade actually makes MCU PHASE 4 like unique craziness



They got Mahershala Ali to play Blade I think I can officially say that Marvel is the king of casting

Author — Mr.PerfectCell


Between Natalie Portman becoming Thor and jk Simmons back as j Jonah Jameson and Marshalla Ali as blade my mind is just reeling for phase 4.

Author — ShotgunSurgery


If anybody have hats budget, it’s Marvel

Author — Nam Hoang Nguyen


So pumped for them bringing taskmaster. He's one of the better fighters in Marvel.

Author — Dave Vaidya


Today Avengers Endgame will break record of Avatar.

Author — Subhjeet Halder


Blade! please be rated R. Can’t have vampires without blood and death.

Author — Justa Cat