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Burnout Paradise Remastered - Before You Buy 5
Burnout Paradise Remastered (PS4, Xbox One) is a revival of one of the best arcade racers ever made. Is it worth revisiting? Let's talk.

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More like "My Childhood remastered"

For people asking....
I'm actually 20.
The statement "My Childhood Remastered" is just implying that I played the burnout series a lot and liked it very much.

Автор — Mustafa Ahmed


Best game ever. I hope they will use the money to make a new one!



It's baffling why they didn't remaster Burnout 3: Takedown instead, since it's considered the best in the series by most people.

Автор — Fred Almeida


“Fast travel”? Travel FASTER! (Lol, but I understand... it can be a chore to have to drive back to a Junk Yard or redo an event.)

Автор — Sapheiorus


This game is my magnum opus. I have never quite loved a game so much, nor had I dedicated so much time to a single video game _ever._ Got a nice story actually.

Back around the turning point of 2008, I had actually saved enough money from the previous year to finally be able to buy a PS3. Being 15 at the time, it was a bit of a struggle, but I held out through holidays like Christmas and didn't immediately spend the $50 or $100 I got, instead opting to add it to the little pool I had been accumulating. It was mostly out of jealousy, because my friend owned one and he was one of the only individuals out of my group of friends who did.

It stemmed from him downloading the demo of Burnout Paradise on his console, and it was my first real taste of new hardware and graphics that had begun leaping away from the PS2 or Xbox's capabilities. I wanted it badly. He gloated about how he'd purchase it once he had some funds. Thus, the cycle was set in motion.

I got my mom to buy my PS3 from our local Gamecrazy, back when Hollywood Video was still a thing. But they had just sold their last one on New Year's Day. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait long and soon enough, had my console. I lied about my age on my PSN account because I thought it was ridiculous at the time that I couldn't access the online store and purchase anything without being 18 (this being before the fact that I realized I had misinterpreted information and that I actually could, derp).

I bought Burnout Paradise on the 5th of January, the night my parents were actually leaving to Chicago for two weeks. I was on winter vacation from school, so, having the house to myself for another week and a half was pretty awesome. I started downloading it immediately. However, there was one little, tiny issue in the way.

My internet provider was Clearwire. If you haven't had to suffer the pain of using this absolutely abysmal provider, I envy you. If you have, I feel your pain immensely.

It took three days to download. Three. _Fucking._ *_Days._*

I don't think I had ever been so wracked with anticipation and so absolutely furious with internet speeds in my life.

But when I woke up on the morning of the 8th, well, my life was over. Paradise awaited me, and I tore it in half. I was fascinated with experiencing an open-world environment for the first time in a Burnout game. There had been others, like Need For Speed: Most Wanted or Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix, but it was my breakthrough into next-generation racing.

I didn't put that game down for well over six to eight months. I remember ripping around everywhere in one of two of my favorite cars: The Jansen X12 or the Krieger Überschall 8, especially their police or carbon variants. I did everything in that game. Got 101% completion, acquired every billboard, smash gate, and super jump their was, dominated all 500 Freeburn Challenges (that Diamond Version Jansen P12 is and went out of my way to complete all races, road rages, marked mans, burning routes, stunt runs, and every last Road Rules Challenge. I even got pretty good at online races, too!

Burnout Paradise was my very first Platinum trophy and the first game I had beaten so hard into the ground that I could confirm that I knew _everything_ about it. A decade later, I still mostly can. After all, I had logged over 3, 000+ hours into the game.

I leapt at this remastered version. $40 seemed a tidbit steep, but in honesty, I didn't care. Looking at it all prettied and polished up just makes me smile as I race my friends, gloating about an incoming victory before I slam into a concrete divider at 200 miles an hour and watch my car become just another pile of scrap. I owe a lot of my best memories to this game.

It's good to be home.

Автор — Chemical-Drift


Unpopular Opinion: I don't like Burnout Paradise.

Автор — Raptor Jesus


EA said the PC version is coming this year...

Автор — M. E.


i loved paradise city but i straight up wont support EA anymore

Автор — nicolaj


i kinda like that the game doesnt look THAT good. it gives it that old genuine feel

Автор — Rowan Helvensteijn


Need for Speed Most Wanted was my Burnout

Автор — Xyrazi


Got my Elite license and gotten to the NASCAR car yuhhh nostalgia

Автор — Masked-Maniac


It's too expensive for such an old game

Автор — David


The servers are still online on ps3!!!

Автор — DDM Gamer


Lack of proper signs where to go has always pissed me off in Paradise. Turn signals are a joke at this speed and constantly controlling minimap was no fun.

Автор — KILLOVoid


Should I buy a new console for the remaster of my favourite game?

Автор — M. E.


I am a car guy and obviously a racing game fan. This is one of the best (racing) games ever. It is accesible to anyone and just a lot of fun for lots of hours. I think 40 bucks is steep considering they just polished some textured and added all the DLC to every platform but I'll definitely pick it up eventually.

Автор — mrawesomelemons


Too bad they didn’t license a new soundtrack lol... like 10 versions of Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” ruined this game for me

Автор — Matafer


The game that ruined Need for Speed franchise by implementing "drive by drift" physics and the disgusting "crash other players to score higher".
These 2 shity ideeas are still present today in rocky player's attitude.

Автор — SSS _ HEX


Now all we need is NFL, NBA Street vol. 3 & Def jam fight for NY with online play

Автор — tommy foster


I played the original and this unchained my heart when u saw the trailer and i rushed to my PS4 to preo order. The day i touched the CD all my memories hit me back and i felt young again. Please give this game a chance you will never regret 🙂

Автор — Marten TV