Air Vent Stove from Car Rims

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Air Vent Stove from Car Rims 4.5

Inspired by the traditional “Bullerjan” stove and wood ovens made of car rims
I built this convection oven.
My idea was to use the profile of the rims as air channels to maximize the efficiency.
Cold air is sucked in to the channels from below. It flows against the furnace wall where it is heated and blows out of the top. This ventilation is the key to the efficiency.

I used:
2mm sheet metal (for the outer paneling)
Stainless steel rods and screws
Wenge-wood for the handles
A mixture of hydrogen Peroxide 12%, vinegar and salt (ratio 4/1/0,5) for the rust

special thanks:

ewm welding for the great support

Stürmer- maschinen

@Igor Welder
for the welding helmet

James Carnwath @James Sunburst
for the music

Tim-Simon Herrmannsen
for recording the final scene

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I used over 15 years old winter tires !!

Author — create


Man, you do awesome things, don’t disappear for a long time.
Very rarely videos are released and it is frustrating.
Come on more, we need you 😁🤝

Author — CHEST'ER


It's Peter from NTD Television.
Your videos are great!
Our mission is to uplift the world through sharing Truth, Hope and Humanity. We would like to upload your content to our media pages.
Can we have your permission to do that?
Thank you.

Author — NTD


Hey darlin! 75 year old woman here! Just letting you know we girls are our here watching and enjoying the beautiful work you're doing too! I would suggest to any metal worker, artisan, machinist - to watch your videos! Your precision and tenacity to make the best is admirable! Thank you young man for entertaining this
"Rosie Riverter" girl!😁👍

Author — Toni Touchberry


My Uncle made something like this 50 years ago only he used a steel drum with 6 inch pipes going through it, three from each side in an "X" layout. He then used the center of the "X" as the location of a steel mesh platter to hold the wood. The inductive nature going from a cold floor to a warm fire is incredible and it pumped out hot air out the top sides of the unit like nothing I had ever seen. It heated up his entire 4 car garage workshop.

Author — Arnold Villeneuve


тот случай когда не чем заняться! затраты на сварные работы вместе с материалом превысят стоимость магазинного БУЛЕРЬЯНа

Author — Серж Моя


Dude, you're working at another level!!!

Author — Herbert Laughlin


Зразу видно нихуяне дачник или банщик, тот кто печкой часто пользуется. зак залу то выгребать из радиусного дна да еще и рифленого профиля. на вид печь красивая но не практичная.

Author — 4ip0lin0


This dude made a contour gauge out of wooden skewers and zip ties just cause he could. Damn 0.0

Author — Tony C


I question whether there was any time savings in starting with wheels. So many accommodations had to be made to their shape that it might just have been easier to start with flat stock.

Author — Martin M. Meiss


The only thing that impressed me more than the final result was how efficiently and smart you worked! I don't do any metalwork, but I certainly picked up a lot of useful stuff I'd keep in mind if I did.

Author — SuperVoodude


I learned more metal shape tracing techniques in this 20 min video than i did in the last 20 yrs. thank you very much for this video. Awesome job.

Author — Mike


The whole time, for some reason, I was thinking you were making a grill. I couldn't for the life of me figure out WTF your plan was. I'm dumb.

On a side note, I assume the artificial oxidization is for protection as well as aesthetics?

Author — kopfgeldjagar


When people say "bit the labour involved..."
Nothing is EVER too much labour intensive if it's a hobby, or project.

Author — karel bellic


Эээ..потише!Нам на этой резине ещё ездить и ездить!

Author — Alexander Didenko


1 minute of silence for those barely new tires. #RIP.

Author — Max Ricardo


Слишком сложно в изготовлении, много деталей.

Author — Сергей Афанасьев


this is what happens when a welder is on quarantine in his shop. great creatvity, awesome craftsmanship. well done.

Author — doc Michaels


Imagine what you can do with a rocket stove concept. They are way more efficient and you could make an incredible rocket stove.

Author — Thorny Turtle Ranch


Those tires were in better shape than the ones on my car :(

Author — Ali Erikenoglu