What Makes McDonald's Coke Taste Better Than Other Coke

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Any fan of Coca-Cola will tell you it tastes better from a fountain, and anyone who's ever had it from McDonald's will tell you their fountain Coke is just about the best there is. So what's their secret? Are they serving up a higher quality of Coca-Cola than other restaurants?

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Is there any place that comes close to McDonald's Coke?

Author — Mashed


This ad has been brought do you by McDonald’s.

Author — Josue Gonzalez


The reason their straws are bigger is because you drink it faster so then you want another 1

Author — Cian O


It tastes better because the mold in the fountain enhances the taste.

Author — MarshallZPie M.


Coke at McDonald’s comes just like every where else I worked there I’d does not come in a metal container lol it comes in a plastic bag in a box 😂😂😂😂

Author — Chris Snyder


McDonald's does legit have the best Coke!

Author — asap bruhhh


ever use those same words in he same sentence ever

Author — Christian Simpson


No. I want my Hi-C Orange Lavaburst back!

Author — tip ?


"A higher quality Coca Cola..."

Well that's an oxymoron if I ever did see one.

Author — Michael Asta


I love how they “engineered” and wider straw

Author — B. Tpt.


Now they've engineered a paper straw that'll fall apart the second it hits the cola and make it taste like your sucking it through an old cigarette filter

Author — Lewis Hart


Pssst I heard the secret formula is they add the vanilla ice cream to it that's why there's never any left!

Author — kingtoyab69


"Engineered a wider straw"
Well that requires a lot of sophisticated engineering.

Author — Prince Gupta


In Indian Mc Donald's, when we order a glass of coke, we get ICE as the main product + some ml of coke as a formality 👍

Author — Jerome Thomas


Wow 😮 I wish their food preparation was as well thought out!

Author — Dale Simons


You do realise that those soda machines aren't as clean as they say they are

Author — DJ MK


When I said this to my friends, they all laughed at me

Author — Abhiya


definitely the best coke I’ve had out of a fountain

Author — Magneto Rex


I've heard about their crazy water filtration, I was talking to one of their soda machine techs once and he was telling me all about it. Ins asking cause I love their freaking coffee, it's so damn good and full tasting w half and half. Guess it's the water too!

Author — Mr. Husky


I love my "coke" from mickydees

Author — Luke Turnbull