LIVE: Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) on Foreign Policy

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LIVE: Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) on Foreign Policy 4

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Microchip can be easily introduced through needle as a “ mind control “ distances.

Author — udon loews


The permanent political class will never give back their power to the people.

Author — Right Side News


CNAS is PNAC rebranded. The group of (redacted) that got us into the Middle East and killed my American brothers.

Robert Kagan
William Kristol
Henry Kissinger

Open Society Foundation
Lockheed Martin

We will end you. The fire rises.

Author — Uh Oh


Dont know who he is but I'm instantly a fan

Author — Flinten Jones


I think it’s pretty clear that the peoples of the world want freedom for themselves, and the reason for that is because the opening of communication lines has allowed people to see the cage they’ve been imprisoned by. I also believe the election of Donald Trump and his anti-establishment rhetoric has stoke the flames of freedom through the world, including the Chinese people. China maybe getting a bigger bargain and they thought originally, because their people are waking up.

Author — FaithwalkerTodd


True American patriot! The people support you sir.

Author — Tim Osborn


Hawley's thoughts are absolutely on the right track - rare nowadays - but could work on his persuasion skills

Author — Kate Sun


hawley sounded like 2 characters.. agent smith “the matrix” & tuvock “Startrek voyager”

Author — SumBoooDee


Agree that the US should be a middle class democracy, but now the division of wealth has reached banana republic levels, and our crony capitalist government is nothing like we had 70 years ago.

Author — 6thFingerCapos


America needs not to give money to any foreign country. We have a deficit that needs and could be countrolled. We need term limits put on congress and we need to find a way to get off of oil and start taking care of our Americans here and social security needs to quit helping immigrants and start giving people what they put in and earned and not having them have to fight for it especially when they have proof of disability and still deny them what they should have the right to get when they need it.

Author — x* xkxiv


The Republican foreign policy :

Author — mikean1123


Keep an eye on this guy. Lots of crypto-fascist/ecofascist rhetoric endemic to this new breed of "Republican", always under the guise of isolationist/"America First" exceptionalism. We know what you're up to, Mr. Hawley.

Author — Parker Barnes


*the free market is a gift from God. That God hating socialist are to willfully ignorant to appreciate*

oh they love their lattes from Starbucks or they love to eat at these various restaurants but they themselves are not truly appreciative and seek to force people to be as miserablle and mental slaves as they are.

Author — Yousavedbro Heaven Bound


Oppose ALL gun control... Oppose the reauthorization of the patriot act... stop sending money overseas and policing the world...

Author — A Boring Sandwich


It's so damn refreshing seeing a Republican who is capable of talking sensibly. I feel there were some oversights in his telling of history, though. America has always been expansionist. We fought the French and Indian War because the French were encroaching too close. One of the many reasons for the Revolution was the Proclamation of 1763 keeping the colonists from expanding past the Appalachians. The Mexican-American War was the United States strong-arming 1/3 of Mexico's territory away from them. The Spanish-American War was our forceful takeover of many of Spain's colonial holdings. Teddy Roosevelt helped Panama gain its independence, but then annexed the canal soon thereafter. The first half of our history is rife with expansionist tendencies.

I really liked how he argued that America should stop trying to impose its will onto the rest of the world. But I disliked how adversarial his tone was when it came to China. Without a doubt China is attempting to extend its economic influence and something must be done. But his methods for combating that spread? It sounded like he was proposing to do the same thing China is doing. As if Japan, Taiwan, India and Vietnam were pawns to be won over in a second Cold War. Hawley argues that he doesn't want the US to be a hegemon... But what's the alternative?

Also - the key issue of the day is the impeachment inquiry. I could really get behind this guy depending on how he acts come the trial. I hope he can put country over party.

Author — Confuzledish


CNAS is a foreign policy think tank that thrives on unending, imperialist regime change wars. They should be shamed and ignored.

Author — philosophical wisdom


Once more, the Comments section reveals the paucity of education in the world. You all reveal yourselves to be the nitwits your mothers whelped.

Author — Mitchell Brown


Build up voting security, build up foreign interference security. Put dump in PRISON WHERE HE BELONGS.

Author — Destination Paradise


Hawley has a bright future in Missouri and in DC, IF he supports President Trump. The people who elected POTUS are examining all Republicans to determine if they will represent THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Author — Salli Francis


Drips arrogance...just what people dislike about americans. America needs to learn to co-operate and not dominate. The world is sick and tired of america....change is required.

Author — thierry nolevaux