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Ultimate Awkward Compilation 5
So in my driving course I drove like a normal person would but that gave away that I had driven before hand which means I didn't have my license and my instructor drive dude said 'how frick no u have driven before this drive'

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I don’t blame him for not remembering where they tried to put him, it was years ago.

Author — 卩尺ㄖㄒ乇ㄩ丂


Legends say people still don't know who tried to put him in the

Author — 7two05


Can we talk about this man's eyes getting shoved into burning candles

Author — Tyrues


Is no one gonna mention the guy who knew she’d be hot by age seven

Author — paul orta


R.i.p Nelson Mandela the greatest athlete that ever lived

Author — Shootah MaccG


I'm still trying to find out where they tried to put him years ago....

Author — Onetime 4-Real


"Did you mean to do that?"
"Yes" lol

Author — Martin Zuniga


“I knew she was gonna be smokin hot by the time she was 7 years old.”

*FBI wants to know your location*

Author — - kool -


That dude almost blew his head off. He had to stop and think about life for a second.

Author — souLAkai Music


When the man said "Years ago they tried to put me in the.."

I felt that

Author — Lobster


Years they tried to put me in tha-

14 year old girls :- *that's deep*

Author — Absinthene


This guy must’ve been a time traveler he was gonna say “years ago they tried to put me in world war 3” but he realized he was there before 2020.

Author — Destin’s Lounge


That man spent the rest of his life trying to figure where they tried to put him years ago

Author — thats maney


That preacher needs to chill. It's a wedding dude, a celebration. The photographer is trying to do his job too.

Author — Ace Goodheart


“Its your life. Take a chance.”

Now that was cringe

Author — Maito Gai


“This is not about the photography, this is about God.”

Wrong! What a crappy pastor! It’s about whatever the couple wants the day to be about!

Author — poizon //


2:40 - I've heard of the mandela effect, but jesus christ....

Author — numberyellow


I like how at 3:18 when he pushed his head into the cake and the guy is obviously hurt the other guy continues to laugh... wow.

Author — Nostalgic Universe


The bride and groom are like:
“But we paid for them... soooo”

Author — A . P .


0:48 my man whispers "years ago..."

Author — eemmeebelike