Milan and Lake Como

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Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | No trip to Italy is complete without Milan and Lake Como. In Milan we'll take a peek at Italy's highest fashion, fanciest delis, grandest cemetery, and greatest opera house...not to mention Leonardo's Last Supper. Then we'll cruise along Lake Como, settling down in the lakeside village of Varenna...classic honeymoon country, where Italy meets the Alps.

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I could spend the rest of my life exploring Italy.

Author — M mc


This video is from 2006, so before the crisis, from that year many things changed.
In the last years we built new beautiful skyscrapers and we renovated many parts of the city, not only the old town, and some of the 60 ancient farmhouse out of the city with a respectful design.
In terms of mobility we can be proud about our new electric car and bike sharing system that, integrated with an always better public transportation system, could really stop our bad habit to use private car.
We also understood that we have to open our great private gardens.
In the last year, thanks to expo and all the investments made for it, i've really seen Milan as an European Capital and I hope we will restart to attract talents from abroad.
We are on the right way. Bella Milano

Author — Lorenzo Paruscio


Lake Como looks like heaven on Earth damnnn

Author — hehe45451


Italy is so &respect from India....India loves Italy ❤🇮🇳🇮🇹

Author — Indian Anupam


Living in Milan or Lake Como must be such a dream.

Author — Liz M.


Three more weeks and we'll be there. Part of the anticipatory fun is watching Rick highlight this glorious part of Italy. Ciao bella

Author — maya&luna


All of that area is beautiful, also Ticino region of neighburing southern Switzerland...

Author — Panter Panta


milan is  one of the most beautiful cities in europe.

Author — anıl erden


This is great to watch, he is good in describing things

Author — Faizan khan


Italy is a fascinating country.Pisa, Rome, Venice, Naples, Milan and Florence are very well.Greetings from Turkey (country) :D!

Author — Youtube Kullanıcısı


Just loved Bellagio. If I could afford to I would live there. Probably my favourite place in the world.

Author — Susan Anderson


Lake Como could possibly be one of the best places on earth. Loved the scenery.

Author — Maria B


Italia è un bel paese, e bellissimo proprio 😘Io sono innamorato da questo nazione 😘

Author — Juan Dela Cruz


Stunning beautiful far more than many other great cities and lake como beats the cote d'azur. And the magnificent buildings in Milan far outshine London and Paris which I know well.

Author — LOWE sonia


My husband & I were in Milan & Lake Como last May for a vacation & it was very enjoyable. The places were beautiful .

Author — kelly51757


Thinking of visiting a friend who lives there now and wondering if 2 full days would be enough to explore Milan. But I think yes. If I arrive on Friday afternoon and leave on Monday, so the whole weekend I'd be there. Or maybe to take more days?.. But I think 2 full days would be enough (plus she is in the impossibility to go and explore with me during the week). Anyone, any advice?

Author — Annie V


I'm from Milan, lived there/in the area for most of my life and I really enjoyed your video, thank you!

Author — okaybrandon


A very very fantastic clip from you Steve, i feel like i am there already. It just seems to me that lake Como is an absolute heaven. Great video and thank you for posting!!!

Author — Sareiviseth Diep


where this "merlno" he keeps talking about.

Author — JC_wolf 64


The best video on Lago di Como ever! Merci beaucoup Rick-さん!

Author — 流浪漢パリ