Star Wars Canyon F-15E, F-16 Aggressor, EA-18, F-18 November 2017

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Star Wars Canyon F-15E, F-16 Aggressor, EA-18, F-18 November 2017 5

We spent a week in Death Valley to film military aircraft flying at low level. We were lucky to see F-15E Strike Eagles from Nellis AFB, and the first run of Growler 503 from VX-9. We also saw two visiting Alaska Aggressors make a few passes in the airspace.

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Nothing quite like the sound of an F-15. Love it!

Author — Daniel G


That F16 in the beginning was fkn cookin damn...

Author — Pyramid1974


It seems the united states has invaded Tatooine..

Author — Wilco501 Soto


Dammm those 16s.

Not the biggest but fly like a ballerina.

Author — Tampa0123456789


You have to love that F-15! From the front, ALL INTAKES!

Author — Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr.


I love all jets, but the F-15E is particularly amazing.

Author — Matt Bumpas


Best. Job. Ever. Watching this makes me proud to be a tax-payer. 👋👍🔥

Author — Harris Roit


But nobody said...
"Punch it Chewie !!"

Awesome video!!!

Author — DCRUZ547


love the radio chatter - thanks for including

Author — Robert Motley


Love these video's and especially watching those F15 Grim Reapers and the F16 Falcon's were just awesome!!!

Author — A Very Grim Reaper


this video is very relaxing because of jet sounds.

Author — ϟϟ Schutzstaffel


Were going in, were going in full throttle. That outta keep those fighters off our tails.
Luke at that speed can we pull up in time?
It'll be just like Beggars Canyon back home.

Author — Mattster_Ch33f


I could camp up there and just watch those birds for days.
My late father was career USAF and was a highly decorated member of the USAAF. He trained with actor Jimmy Stewart and later served with a B-24 Liberator unit with the 15th Air Force in Italy. His group was escorted by the. Black fighter pilots ("The Tuskegee Airmen") regularly.
My dream in life was to become a fighter pilot but I started wearing glasses in junior high so I was ineligible.
When I graduated college there was not yet laser surgery to correct nearsightedness.
Now there is and the USAF has a shortage of pilots.
Unfortunately, now I am too old.
I tell you life just ain't fucking fair.

Author — Kamikaze Yamamoto


I know from experience that pilots LOVE having their picture/video taken. Great vid

Author — dan kuettel


That F-18 at the 10:30 mark was actually “dancing in the air” awesome just awesome!

Author — james pruitt


I don’t know why am I falling in love with F-15.

Author — Karlal Tribe


I've seen a lot of these Star Wars and Mach Loop vids.

The BEST "Stay-Low" flight of them all is at 0:25 .

Author — BMyVision


Magnifique, quelle qualité d'image et le son ....I LOVE

Author — JEAN- MARC


MiP, awesome videos!! Awesome still shots also!!. I watched this video 3 times. Love that sound of freedom.

Author — luv2fly


Enjoy hearing the pilots. Thanks for posting, great video!!

Author — Mike S