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Tips for First-Time Managers | Sesil Pir | 5

This short video illustrates how to be most effective as a first-time manager. These valuable tips focus specifically on non-technical skills, human elements, since this is the kind of information which often gets left out in leadership training of first-time managers. Thank you for watching!


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I believe, to be a good manager, one must take prophets as role models. They have no ego. They do not lie. They serve. They take nothing personal. They listen more than they talk. They understand and emphatize more than they judge. They have kindness and compassion. They act with their hearts rather than their brains. They care for others more than themselves. Such qualities open their vision further. We can not be that perfect, but, we can try to do our best. In the end, career, money, power and other things lose their meanings when they are compared to the way that we are remembered by the others.

Author — Özer Şentürk


- stay true to yourself🙂
- nurture your team
- provide clarity
- encourage dialogue
- give it a little emotion

Author — Agustin Savira


I could not hear nothing, loud music in back .

Author — Fateh Bourahla


Tips ► Ask for feedback about your current job performance. Not only does this show that you're taking your job seriously, but you'll be able to take the feedback and make any necessary changes.
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Author — ViVi Funny TikTok


Thank you for sharing this. Wonderful tips.
This tips make first-time manager produce both relationships and results. Results through people

Author — Lighthouse Training


Thank for giving this awesome knowledge about time management

Author — Shivam Shukla


Excellent point at the end as to why people vacate a position.

Author — kimbanyc


first time i m new property agent Sales Marketing will traning appointment how come to be Team Manager or team leader

Author — Jerry Loh


I call it Purity in Leadership. I have some fun concepts to share.

Author — Leadership Help Desk


Two decades? So you started when you were ten?

Author — scorpiomaj27


Glad to have found your channel, I have been lately given the opportunity to manage to manage a few analysts, unfortunately or maybe fortunately I was faced with a mis-hired freelance worker who turned out to be very unconventional in work style, lazy and poor reporting and communication behavior, placing me in a very tough spot, especially the employee is remote, it was very tough to understand the employee himself. I was feeling accountable for the project and at same time being nurturing style was a huge challenge. While I hope the experience comes handy for future I would like a video /your take on managing difficult coworkers or subordinates and making decisions in a fast paced environment

Author — R Y


Great video

Retail management twins

Author — Retail Management twins


Storey and other theorists consider HRM to be integral to the overall strategy of an organisation. In your experience, what function have HR professionals played in your working life, both as a manager and as an employee, and with what effect?

Author — ankita vyas


hello ^_^
1)Please could you tell me how much does a manager earn a month ?
2)How Could I be a manager ? I mean where Can I study ?

Author — Captain Alpha


Unfortunately u r deadly beautiful as well

Author — Shahid Iqbal


My God... talented and beautiful manager

Author — Bernie Melo


To be honest, I have a hard time taking the coaches serious, if they don't even look in the camera linse.

Author — MrAPOD


Is having a tatoo like that setting a good example?

Author — Stuart Crossland