Dow plunges after Trump tweets about China, Fed

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Dow plunges after Trump tweets about China, Fed 3.5
Investor concerns over the uncertainty caused by the US-China trade war send the Dow plunging after President Donald Trump sent out a series of tweets that indicated that the trade war would be getting worse. #CNN #Trump #TradeWar

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Funny if you think that most likely the President Tweeted that using a Keyboard made in China !! 🤣😂

Author — Os


*This MORON-trump destroyed everything good Obama did.*

Author — cesarcdx


Twitter needs to take one for the team and terminate Trump's Twitter account. Trump has as much self control as drunk teenager. For the love of God Trump! Shut the hell up all ready!

Author — Anthony Stanford


He has absolutely no chance of being re-elected with a recession or even just a slowed down economy. 👋👋👋👋

Author — Matt


Please someone take his Twitter away. Please! Before he starts ww3 or something.

Author — luis esparza


The USA isn’t sliding into a recession, Herr Twitler is marching you to it!

Author — AdeptPaladin


I think Trump is doing this on purpose. He is manipulating the market while he and his rich friends buy and sell their stocks as the market dips and goes back up. It’s too obvious at this point

Author — Tom Wostoncroft


Crazy MF, his hotels are full of Chinese products.
What will he do at the G7?

Author — Rose Harvey


He “hereby orders...” Proof he thinks he’s a king. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

Author — Marina Guajardo


Soon we can expect Trumpski to start blaming Obama for the Dow plunging 😂.

Author — Citizen EU


The World is panicking, realising how dangerous the fires in the Jungles in South America will affect us all and

Trump is tweeting about China and his hate for them and trade worlds... think about it people....

Author — me heretoday


"Hereby ordered" sounds like he's echoing what Putin told him to do.

Author — Sam Gamgee


CNN, tell us more how Putin sent guys in grey trenchcoats to make us vote for Trump in 2016...Huh? Tell us more how this happened. Trump 2020

Author — Zozo plays


The dooshbag in chief asks who is our bigger enemy? IT'S THE DOOSHBAG HIMSELF! SHEESH!

Author — santolify


still waiting for my mid term middle class tax break you signed and my beautiful health care plan

OP edit : 23 hours later...gosh, , , i had no idea my posting only two of Trumps lies...(one a campaign talking point the other a mid term lie he laid on us a few days before the midterms) ...would cause such a stir...for the most part it's been civil..but i think we all can agree the contributor "T Beast" is a few chips short of a full can of pringles...that is all good humans

Author — Matt Foster


Dictator D is gonna have us all begging for food out of a soup kitchen

Author — C O D Y


It’s like every time Trump tweets the Dow Falls!

Author — CCJ Guy


Donny Demento tanks the economy. You got what you voted for, GOP.

Author — pixoariz


Why should the Fed be"juicing" the economy if according to Trump it's the greatest economy in history?

Author — claudermiller


Lol. To all you Trump supporters wait one second while I get my popcorn.🤣

Author — Chaasayad Sawapah