Karan Thapar की किताब Devils Advocate के किस्से | Jayalalitha | Modi | Advani | The Lallantop

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Karan Thapar की किताब Devils Advocate के किस्से | Jayalalitha | Modi | Advani | The Lallantop 4.5

Book review of the devil’s advocate, written by famous broadcast journalist karan thapar. Why did narendra modi left interview with karan thapar, ram jethmalani connection with jesica lal murder case, karan thapar connection with lk advani, karan thapar interview with jayalalitha, political kisse by saurabh dwivedi for the Lallantop. Amitabh bachchan personal life, amitabh bachchan fight with jaya, amitabh bachchan and rekha.

Produced By: The Lallantop
Edited By: Maneesh Negi

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आपको ओर शम्स ताहिर खान को सुनना बहुत अच्छा लगता है।
बस ईमानदार रहना

Author — rajeev beniwal


*सौरभ जी आपका अंदाज़ ए बयां विडियो पूरा देखने पर मजबूर कर देता है*

Author — Kanchan Ram PPPub


After that interview he decided that every interview should be scripted or preplanned....great lession learn from that interview 😂😂😂

Author — Naveen9092


Atal g ka time or aj ka time alag h. Ab to koi kuch likhe to desh drohi kehlata h.

Author — Vicky Rathee


Kya jamana tha, jab criticism Ko sahi leke khud Ko suhdara jata tha... Ab to shayd jinda bhi nhi choda jaye

Author — anurag shankhdhar


Keep it up saurabh sir....
Book reviews consistent rhna chahiye...

Author — Anshuman Seth


I’m Not biased with congress or bjp but why this guy always feels happy while talking about Congress...

Author — Sumit Rathore


करन थापर एक महान पत्रकार है जो कभी दबे नही

Author — Rahul maurya


We know n Saurav admits that he's NAUGHTY!😘🤣😂

Author — pinu Vyas


Sir the rectifications u asked ur camera man is really swt to thanks for this interesting video

Author — S Bhattacharjee


Hahahaha... Aap Ke muh se 'Chomu' sun kr Zbrdst lga :)

Author — Prashant Gupta


one topic to note that is there any rivalry of interview with any Congress leader. this said all about Karan thapar

Author — sukhdev Joshi


Modi ne zindagi me ek hi actual interview diya hai, wo bhi bas 2 minute ka. Dosti bani rahe.. 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

Author — Amazing


Sourabh ji, please make a video on Poonya Prasoon Vajpayi we know whats truth...

Author — Puneet Gupta


Great Journalist Mr Karan Thapar a rarity in India! Saurabh Dewdi could have potential, if he maintains his objectivity and take the responsibility of questioning Government And not become blind Bhakt of Modi like most of mainstream media in India!!



One of the things i observed is your good sense of humour and you are so good and polite in nature

Author — Panchanan Verma


Good one, you have nice way of explaining

Author — Arzita Singh


Thapar sir interview are awesome his interview are awesome.

Author — ANTARIKSH Singh


I like the way you represent the theme of the book.

Author — Revatiraman Pandey


Thank you Saurabh ji you speak so well I do not even miss one single episode of one single episode of Lalan top keep entertaining us god bless you thank you and keep telling us about you also I love to hear in between the way you tell I don't believe in God

Author — Meera Singh