CB900 Cafe Racer first test ride + Big problem... :-(

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Welcome Back, Here is a new video about the bol d'or, it's starting to run better but main jets still need to be adjusted! Unfortunately my rear brake setup got completely destroyed because of a lost screw.... Feeling a bit unlucky with this bike but hey, that's part of the game! Please like and Subscribe to see more ;-)

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Exact same thing happened to me. Note: Always remember to install coder pins on your bolts!

Author — Jason Jakob


I'm amazed at the amount of damage that caliper did to the bike. We could argue about that bolt... Did you tighten it? Maybe, maybe not. This is one of the problems with working on a project alone. Either way, try not to beat yourself up. Shit happens. Use a little loctite where you can. Stay focused and you'll laugh about this later

I'll say, the bike sounds amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Author — PaulieFein


Have you use Colortune from Gunson for tuning your carbs? That may helps you to find the right setting for your carbs quicker and more accurate.

Author — Dani P


Hey Bruce I am new to your channel I’ve been following your CB 900 build and just recently picked up my own looking to do a similar build with the whole modern suspension but need help wanted to know what kind of swing arm and front end are using and where can I find parts if you don’t mind me asking is there any websites that you go to you to get the parts that you have now is there anyway you could make a parts list so I have something to go off of anything would help

Author — Socal Fishing


Man that bike is nice, gives me an idea of what I can expect from mine

Author — Brooks LW#74


What exhaust system are you running? I love the look of it and it sounds great.

Author — Dustbrother Baffle


It will bee all ok it is a lovely bike . Sound a amazing 👍

Author — Paul Woolnough


Maybe you could install some safety wires through some of the hardware.

Author — Daniel Shaffer


Hi what front end you use for this bike???

Author — Wilson Liriano


whats the brand of those cargo shorts? and what model was that red honda looks good!

Author — hacktay21


If you don't mind me asking? How did you test to find bad coils?

Author — ᚹᛁᛚᛚᛡᛘ ᚷᚱᛖᛖᚾ


Sicherlich haben alle Recht, wenn Sie sagen kaufe Dir einen Dynojet Stage 3 Kit, da diese Abstimmung für offene Luftfilter gedacht ist. Nachteil ist der teuere Anschaffungspreis. Ich habe mir den Spaß gemacht und für dieses Geld eine Lambdasonde zu verbauen mit Messinstrument. Dazu noch etliche Düsen....anschließend pendelte ich oft zwischen Straße, Zündkerze, Messinstrument und zerlegten Vergasern.
900er Vergaser offene Luftfilter
Primärdüse 74 (fix)

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Fall 2 (Der Allrounder)
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Ich bin mir sicher, das diese Abstimmungen schon gut sind. Sie ist auch kostengünstiger, da nur 8 Düsen ausgewechselt werden müssen und an der Gemischregulierungsschraube gedreht werden muss. Eins ist aber klar, an Dynojet kommt diese Abstimmungen sicherlich nicht ran. Dazu fehlen die speziell geformten Düsennnadeln. Zu entscheiden ist nun, ob Dir 4 Nadeln 120€ - 130€ wert sind für ein minimal besseres Ergebnis.

Author — MUNGO


I would have liked to see the bike but your face is basically the whole video !

Author — Fabien Eldridge