i got into my dream school // 2018 college decision reactions (princeton, columbia, MIT, and more!)

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i got into my dream school // 2018 college decision reactions (princeton, columbia, MIT, and more!) 5
thank you so much to my parents, my aunt and uncle, my friends, and all of YOU for helping make all of my college dreams come true!! these past few months have been a whirlwind of emotions but i the universe always works itself out. if youre watching this before your decisions, like i did this past year, please know everything will be alright :-)

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i’m a junior in college why can’t i stop binge watching these...

Author — b mathes


It’s really crazy how college admissions can be so unpredictable. I didn’t apply to many competitive schools, but my top two were WashU and Columbia. I heard from WashU a week or so (don’t really remember lol) before Ivy Day and I was rejected, so I figured there was no way I would get into Columbia. Then on ivy day I put off opening my Columbia decision so long because I didn’t want to be disappointed, but I ended up getting in and am attending this fall! It just goes to show how crazy things are sometimes. Congrats to you for getting into such a great school!

Author — Emme Fraser


Its crazy how much stress is on these kids now. You're barely an adult yet you're more stressed than 25-30 year olds with families to support. I saw your ted talk. You seemed nervous, but at the same time, you could tell that you had practiced and rehearsed your speech a few times. I can only imagine what your school work looks like if you put that much work into a speech. Best of luck to you in wherever your life takes you. I'm 25 and a second year med student and I already know that you'll be leagues smarter then I could ever hope to be. Just remember to take time to enjoy life.

Author — kcinONE


1. Trinity University: Accepted
2. MIT: Deffered, then rejected
3. Fordham University: Accepted
4. UT Austin: Accepted
5. Rice: Rejected
6. Vanderbilt: Rejected
7. Princeton: Rejected
8. Columbia: Rejected
9. Dartmouth: Rejected
10. Cornell: Waitlist
11. CMU: Accepted

You're welcome.

Author — John Smith


Your parents are so supportive! Go them!

Author — D


For everyone in the comments section stressing about ivy league schools... don't!!!! I just finished my freshman year at a state school and met so many amazing people and had an awesome time. I go to a state school and got accepted into the honors program (only top 2 percent of students at the university get in), so I'm technically a big fish in a small pond. This means that I get much more opportunity than the average student, and I wouldn't have nearly all the opportunities I got if I went ivy league. Just remember that academics isn't everything; go somewhere where you can have fun and make good friends.

Author — Anonymous


Well if it ain’t the prodigy of Princeton College!

Author — hurricane tortilla


Did you get a scholarship? Why didn't you want to go to Fordham?

Author — Hereismytwocents2011


Isn't it nice how that works? It was a lot of waiting but well worth it in the end. I can relate! I applied to 11 RD schools (Harvard, Columbia, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Kenyon, Notre Dame, UChicago, Washington University in St Louis, Wellesley, Oberlin College, and Oberlin Conservatory). I was rejected by 5, waitlisted by 5 (including Harvard), and on the last day of college decisions, when I thought all hope was lost after getting rejected by 2 of my top schools (MIT, UChicago), I was accepted to Columbia. College admissions don't look at how smart or talented you are; in reality they look for what students would succeed and fit in with their college culture so it's not a reflection of you! Congratulations on Carnegie Mellon!!!

Author — Jenniffer Profitt


Your dad is so cute! “I’m beginning not to be a fan of these schools.” Lmao. You’re truly blessed, and have such an amazing future ahead of you!

Author — Chancie Guerra


I am 15 and I can’t stop watching these videos 😂 I also live in Houston but I want to go to out of state colleges!

Author — Rachel TheViolinGirl


I was crying after the Dartmouth rejection 😭 Then I cried again when you got into and then chose Carnegie Mellon!😘

Author — Kathleen Acosta


What was your class rank? SAT/ACT score? GPA??

Author — Tamron


omg i want your dad lol hes so supportive

Author — Lin Trash


Girl I understand the pain of applying as comp sci 😂😂 love to see a fellow woman in CS tho !!

Author — lane


omg your parents sound like their te best!!

Author — kali daniells


“Its okay im still proud of you” AMAZING

Author — D W


Congrats!!! It's funny how the universe works, before Ivy Day I kept getting waitlisted and rejected by top20 schools. But somehow on ivy day i got into UPenn (which is one of my top choices). It only takes one YES to make our dreams come true. Good luck at CMU its an amazing school!

Author — Harrison Chen


Carnegie Mellon university is my dream school too!!!

Author — Melanie G.


Carnegie Mellon was my 1st choice, its an amazing school! Probably still my favorite school even thought I didn't choose to go there lol. I hope you are enjoying it!
BTW I love your parents they are so cute

Author — climbinguphill