[TTB] PES 2017 - Master League Ep 1 - A New Dawn! - Supercoppa - PC Mods

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Well the ai looked shocking again, need that gameplay patch soon but good start to the season, Luigi sprinting on the field like a madman, always good to see lol.

Author — Kakarot


Try to make this series a bit more realistic by going for more Italian players and try to keep other nationalities to a minimum

Author — Ryan Wood


Really love watching these with the real scoreboards and your commentary. Keep it up!

Author — Alex J


took u long enough lol been waiting on this so happy u inspire me man

Author — Adedapo Idowu


Don't do any transfers in the beginning. See how the squad turns out

Author — Juho Stèn


Start locatelli in centre mid he's class, also Luiz Adriano has just joined spartak Moscow so sell him and get someone else.

Author — Adam LFC


Belotti is a class player sign him up.

Author — B. The Ezzy


I think you should include 2-3 games in every episode, maybe more job for you I don't know but I think it makes the series better :)

Author — maliboss


Which software did you use to record the gameplay?

Author — Bos Gaurus


The ML atmosphere is so much better on PC!!! Added Stadiums, Trophies! Colorful crowds! Correct Ball! Your PC is also powerful enough to make the game look decent on PS3's FOX Engine!!! Please do Master League on PC from now on, be it PES2018, 19 or 50!!!

Author — son lobo


You should reinstall the gameplay patch.

Author — Leonard Asmarandei


i need you to commentate during my matches lol. awesome job!

Author — CommandrAwesome


welcome back luigi.. great vid ttb. Oyeah, remove the choreo/mozaic mod, the colors are on the fans not papers, looks weird

Author — Komo


can you please send the links for the pc mods, patches and kits?
thanks in advance !

Author — Roshan R


Make some transfers, here are a couple of good players who are linked with AC Milan in real life: M.Kovacic from Real Madrid, M.Badelj form Fiorentina and Delofeu from Everton :)

Author — S P


why am I not getting notifications of your videos: (

Author — vishesh


I love this Vid bro! I'll subscribe to your Channel!

Author — thebdr78


What are your thoughts on the new Juventus emblem?

Author — grant


Don't know if you want this to be realistic but in real life adriano was sold and Milan are very close to Deulofeu..
Also try to strengthen the defence as they have a very shocking defence and sell montolivo and honda.

Even though I support Inter, this should be a very interesting master league!

Author — Samuelgrech0


where can i download this option file for PC thank you

Author — ionutbogdan irimia