Coldplay - Everglow [Single Version] - (Official Video)

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Directed by Ben Mor

Features an excerpt of Muhammad Ali speaking to a live studio audience in Newcastle upon Tyne, in 1977.

God is watching me
God don’t praise me because I beat Joe Frazier
God don’t give nothing about Joe Frazier
God don’t care nothing about England or America as far as real wealth... it’s all His.
He wants to know how do we treat each other?
How do we help each other?
So I’m going to dedicate my life to using my name and popularity to helping charities, helping people, uniting people, people bombing each other because of religious beliefs. We need somebody in the world to help us all make peace.
So when I die - if there’s a heaven - I’m gonna see it.


Since forming at university in London, Coldplay have gone on to become one of the planet’s most popular acts, selling more than 100 million copies of their eight Number One albums, which have spawned a string of hits including Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, Paradise, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full Of Stars, Hymn For The Weekend, Adventure Of A Lifetime, Orphans and, most recently, Higher Power.

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Yesterday I had to bury my partner after 12 years of relationship. He died in a plane crash and was the love of my life, my soulmate and best friend. We both loved Coldplay and went to their concerts together a lot. This song was played at his funeral and it touches me so much. "... this particular diamond was extra special. And though you might be gone, and the world may not know. Still I see you, celestial. And I should but I can't let you go ...". I miss you so much. Rest in peace!

Author — TheKruemel78


Steps on how to listen to this fully -
1. Wear Headphones
2. Be in a Silent Room
3. Understand the Lyrics
4. f e e l

Author — OfficerMcSpicy


I have a dream, one day I hug Chris and thank him for saving my life in multiple occassions . I pray coldplay live a 100 years. Also, I pray the reader of this comment have a wonderful life and a happy family.

Author — Ambichyut Kar


¡Se la dedico con todo mi corazón mi beti bella, 06-01-2021 la extraño tanto 😥😢 no puedo dejar de llorar! Sé que esta con mi Dios 😢💔

Author — Kimberly concova


When you're sad, listen to Coldplay.
When you're happy, listen to Coldplay.

They make me love life.

Author — toricorn


My dad passed away a few weeks ago and he’s the one who introduced me to music and made me fall in love with it, specifically Coldplay. This is a song that I listened to and loved for a long time but I didn’t realize the true meaning until after my dad passed away. This song describes how I feel in my grief and I feel less alone knowing that this is a feeling someone else has felt too. The fact that the world is moving on without him in it hurts but what he gave me as a father will always be within me.

Author — Bella N


Today we laid my mom to rest.

Rest peacefully, Mommy. I love you more.

7/17/1962 - 4/27/2021

Author — Allie Blake


Coldplay. . . Todo lo que necesito para desaparecer.
Hasta siempre abuelita 💜

Author — Diana Sánchez


coldplay are not just artists, they are poets. I have always loved their music that motivated me and continues to motivate me to this day and I could not be more proud of them, their career and everything they have created

Author — marshall


My grandpa passed away a few days ago. I think that I will be okay, however, the emptiness hits me so hard. I've cried so much these days whenever I'm alone in my room. Suddenly, I click on this track. Thank you for your amazing song, it somehow heals me a lot in some way.

Author — Vanglory


It's a song that makes me feel better My grandfather died 3 years ago and I've listen to it everyday 😣

Author — Maxim Vanderplancke


Chris is such a magical piano player - his intricacies are stunning. All those added notes that normally don’t make any sense just turn this song into perfection. Awesome song and super performance. 👏👏

Author — Neil Archer


Thank you for this song. I spoke these words at my Mom's funeral. She was a rare diamond for sure. Her love will forever be the everglow within me.

Author — Joanne Hughes


The moment when you search Everglow, but a Kpop group show up.

Author — William Smith


Earlier today, my cousin died of an accident. She was 26. She was more than a cousin. She was a big sister. She used to light up a silent room, made jokes & talked a lot. She was very jolly and cheerful. She's a light in the dark, made everyone smile & laugh. This song fits her perfectly. I will miss her so much.

Author — Dyann Sings


Today is my father's birthday. But he passed away 2 months ago. This song, the lyrics, comfort me more than a hug.

I just wanna say thank you for this beautiful song.

Author — petriCHOr 17


Hoje pela manhã sonhei com a minha maior saudade ❤️



This is perhaps Coldplay's most underrated song

Author — Samuel Leask


my mom passed away about two weeks ago and i miss her like crazy. she was my best friend, my everglow. i love you so much ma, and i hope you're better off wherever you are now.

Author — Rachel


I lost my grandma to covid. Grief is the worst feeling ever and yet i couldn't cry. When I found this song again, that's when it hit me. For the first time after losing her, I cried. This song made me realized how important it is to let the people you love know that you love them.

Author — Roentjen Santos