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Trump-May news conference in full - BBC News 4.5
US President Donald Trump said the US and UK have the "greatest alliance the world has ever known" in a news conference with Theresa May.

The prime minister said they had a "great relationship" that they should "build on".

The pair have been holding talks at No 10, with contentious issues such as business with Huawei on the agenda.

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"Woman of my word". That made me laugh!

Author — mark findlay


Feels so odd to hear her call him Donald

Author — P D Smith


Donald Trump should cross the border to England, while he's in London

Author — eTfUjYs eTfUjYs


Theresa May said she is a woman of her word AFTER saying 108 times Britain leave the EU on March 29th deal or no deal

Author — Greenpoloboy3


How trump managed to keep a straight face when saying 'may did a very good job of brexit' i have noooo idea :)

Author — John Thorley


the UK gutter Media in full ''gutter mode''... they shame us....

Author — MrRRHHMM


'Our people believe in freedom and independence' - LOL. Tell the Indians and Irish.

Author — Megalodon Unlocked


You can tell Theresa May wants to cry when answering the Brexit question. She knows it basically destroyed her ability to keep holding office. hah.

Author — Dracomet


Why did Trump waste even a second of his time with this corrupt, incompetent, soon-to-be-unemployed old fish?

Author — WOKEN'T


What did they use to put his makeup on with...a trowel

Author — Rob Hull


BBC - “next up, a string of Trump hating guests to give you an impartial view”

Author — Robert Hill


trump is for once talking sense about that stupid mayor should keep himself to himself yes hes Donald Trump but hes the president of the most powerful nation on earth and our closest ally Sadiq Khan should have some respect and put our country first.

Author — Chaz Heathcote


I think Trump is right, May hasn't got the credit she deserves over our exit from the European union. I'm politically neutral but she's showed bigger balls than any male member of government in trying to solve the problem. She's handles things as well as possible while the likes of Boris Johnson have been hiding under a stone now she's leaving they're all coming out from under their stones again in one last glory hunt, shame on them

Author — Ken Besford


Ugh - please stop it with the “special relationship” phrase... it sounds like a Friends With Benefits relationship where one person definitely wants more but the other person feels they can eventually do better

Author — hfredydl


I am Portuguese and lived in London for 15 years. It is good to see two leaders of the free world getting along nicely.

Author — Jorge Castro


How come they can talk about Syria as if they have done the right thing there, after the fake news about the chemical weapons!? Shameless

Author — Nomad Girl


I wanna know why are Government was Spying on Trump ???

Author — sam wise


Treasonous May" the nightmare before Brexit " is totally shown up standing next to a true leader!

Author — 1 of a hundred


May is not so bad if u put them side by side eh

Author — ilove2929


Well, Sadiq Khan isnt English and has absolutely no connection to the UK, Trump does.

Author — A Nother