Killing a Toyota Part 1 | Top Gear | BBC

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Killing a Toyota Part 1 | Top Gear | BBC 5
Jeremy Clarkson puts Toyota's claim that their Hilux pick-up is virtually indestructible to the ultimate test. Top Gear series 3, episode 5.

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320, 000 miles on mine and counting. Original parts on everything, except tires and shocks.

Автор — Crosby4hyg


Russia developed a tank that could survive a nearby nuclear blast and I bet my left kidney that this Toyota would do that even better .

Автор — Leonard Kunze


when I was serving in Afghanistan one day we captured a jihadist who believed that Toyota trucks were designed and built by chosen men so they can serve Allah.

Автор — Payam yazdi


This is why Toyota is known for making the cars that won't stop till you do.

Автор — William MacDonald


This truck is the pinnacle of Japanese engineering. Toyota really made a truck that's hard to kill.

Автор — Jaey Lopidas


i'm confident this video got ISIS to buy so many toyotas

Автор — lars tynning


I'm still wondering how the fire didn't ignite the fuel tank >.>

Автор — Debzy Devil


If I was a Honda Ridgeline watching this...

I would enjoy watching

Автор — CoCo NuTNuT


it's Nokia 3310 of cars aka Nokia 3310with wheels

Автор — Mrinal Thakur


That is why toyotas are so well liked in africa, middle east, outback australia. They are tough, rugged, cheap to maintain and they go on forever. I wonder how many american or european brands could survive in these places.

Автор — marc seah


Look at 6:07 the is a stunt lorry in the backround

Автор — Space Bar


The official car version of the Nokia 3310

Автор — Dominic White


I can see why the Taliban use this now...

Автор — Nana Bons Gaming


Nothing can touch Japanese engineering or reliability. This TG film sums it up perfectly. Japanese cars rule.

Автор — JDM Boy


I'm thinking that's why my dad always buys a toyota

Автор — theonlygamer


The production team are balling outta control

Автор — Anthony Almgren


This is like the Terminator of cars lmao

Автор — MrOiram46


I love Toyota its Unbreakable that’s why I own a Toyota.

Автор — Gnysh Jaydan


You could have got the toyato back with a cargo bob just call Pegasus it's a 200$ fee

Автор — Clorox Bleach


Iv got 290k on my hilux, she smokes a little but she's a runner!!

Автор — Hello hello hello !!!!