UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy Full GAME Walkthrough - No Commentary

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UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy Full GAME Walkthrough - No Commentary 4.5
UNCHARTED The Lost Legacy Walkthrough

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Nadine: You know of any selfish dickheads who might be in need of a partner?
Sam: Alright-
Nadine: Not you.
Sam: Okay.

Author — officefanBDS


"You'll die"
"I can live with that"

....umm, not really. XD

Author — Dan Won


okay but how is her phone not corrupted with the amount of bloody times they went in the water lol

Author — frazzledazzle


*finds a new area with enemies, enters stealthily
"They don't know were here. Good."
"Amazing. All things considered.


Author — Vito Prasasta


**has a shotgun. Takes aim at airborne chopper** "Yeah, I'm sure this'll work fine"

Author — grace calis


Absolutely fantastic!!!! Nadine and Chloe make a brilliant duo

Author — beryl gilligan


This is my second time watching it
I love it so much

Author — olympia k.


Am I the only one who finished the whole game in a day ?

Author — Mohamed Ali Daghmouni


So we got Chloe from the 2nd uncharted and Nadine from the 4th... Where Charlie at tho???

Author — Armani Warren


“You boys really dont want me shooting from down here”

Major W

Author — ReeseyGotIt


Uncharted just keeps getting better and better. Got Sam in the game?
Hell yea. Lost legacy chapter revealed.

Author — Luminous Light


Sam did the role of Sully amazingly, if Chloe taking the torch of Uncharted series

Author — Agingger Gown


This one of the best games I've ever seen I would never get tired of watching people playing it over and over again its just that good

Author — Faith Baez


800 rupees? No problems. I just go find some pots to break game.

Author — ToxicityHazard-Lvl1


I really like that Naughty Dog Games are actually giving the female characters some spotlight to actually see the stories in their perspective this is an Amazing Story I love the interactions between Chloe and Nadine very hilarious 😂

Author — Karrsyn Daniels


Chloe, Nadine and Sam are the best trio ever- love their dynamic together!

Author — oxfilé


That's the best video game scenario I've ever seen, the dialogues and interactions between the two are so hilarious full of emotion, shame it's a PS4 exclusive, though😔

Author — J Gch01


funniest part sam chuckling at chloe telling asav to stick the tusk up his arse :D

Author — Kat Glamkitty Panther


Naydien-you first
Chloe- you go ahead
Sam- mutch obliged
Chloe- Wow

Author — OTR


2:15:18 I thought Nadine said "I love you."

Author — Wannabememelordy101