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this is better than the official video..

Author — AndreOnBeat


This wasn’t even in the official video. I was looking forward to them together in the official video and more dancing cause her choreography was good

Author — Miss Stephanie


Anyone else came back here after the official video because this is better even though its short?

Author — Amira Sato


Imagine if this was in the actual video that would’ve been amazing....

Author — Steven Melendez


This teaser is better than the actual music video

Author — Daniel Gomez


I love how they beat on their chest! Yasss!!!

Author — Taylor_Rain__


This is dope..That other chick was killing it.

Author — The Celeb Rack


when the teaser is better than the music video itself

Author — Ru


This was better than the actual video 😅

Author — Salma J


I swear I'd look like an actual ape if I danced like Nicki at 0:5 seconds😂 She makes it look so Hot!🔥 Sucha a Queen😭👑

Author — Your highness Eve


I wanna hold hands and twerk with Nicki too

Author — Pounse Us


For the people that dont know, this is NOTHING like the actual video! Nicki said it on Instagram herself!!! This is just her and her dancer freestyling AFTER shooting the actual video!

Author — Diamonds Aesthetic


Them beating on they chest at the beginning was cute

Author — Abreeona Williams


Ooh Nicki looking hella thick here ❤️🍑 loving this combo

Author — Natari xo


the original video is nothing like this

Author — næee


Nicki be playing with people’s emotions. Allowing everybody a chance to get their shine. But they damn sure betta gwan get it! Because when Ms. Minaj comes back she is coming with everything. EVERYTHING. I didn’t believe “No Frauds”. That was her playing her trump card, getting everyone comfortable. Making people think she was off her game. You can’t stop her because once you try, it’s too late. She’s already there! Loves Nix!

Author — Chanjrah Brooks


Who thinks this is better than Barbie Tingz??

Author — Valjermayne


This version is better than the actual video!

Author — paroxysmal30


and none of this made it to the video?

Author — space migration


*welcome to nicki's zoo*
*and me*

*I become a beast when I see her's butt*

Author — I AM GROOT