Zverev/Kerber v Federer/Bencic | Germany v Switzerland | Full Match | Hopman Cup Final 2019 | ITF

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Zverev/Kerber v Federer/Bencic | Germany v Switzerland | Full Match | Hopman Cup Final 2019 | ITF 5

Watch the entire nail-biting finale from the 2019 Hopman Cup, with Roger Federer and Belinda Bencic of Switzerland taking on Alexander Zverev and Angelique Kerber of Germany in Perth.

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Zverev man. You really should have let Angie flick a backhand off that very last Belinda volley. Too overeager and not enough faith in the Grand Slam winner on his team

Author — Qasim Arshad


this match really explains why kerber has 3 grand slam titles, while Zvere cant even make into a final

Author — skyabcdsky l


Match point at 4-4 in the tie break is stupid. It should have been at least two point differential, to make it a clear and deserved win. Great and fun match anyway

Author — Salvador Allende


You can see here two types of men - Roger being a gentlemen, believing in Belinda and literally letting her play and win, and Zverev - reaching for every single ball, ignoring Angie, a grand slam winner and normally, ending up with a loss.



44:50 & 48:10 great Kerber v Fed rallies

Author — Boomguy88


Unbelievable volleying skills from roger

Author — Vijayendran Vijay


I think bencic want to jump on to federer after win 😂

Author — Nithin venkat


45:05 Zverev pissed because that wasn’t him producing such a great shot.

Author — In The Beginning Was The Word


I think it's noteworthy to mention the Germans' dejected disposition when they miss a point. Their body language. Coaches spend a lot of time emphasizing to their students the importance of shaking off bad shots and forging ahead. Naturally much easier said than done but in doubles it's very common to see players uplifting their partners especially after lost points. I thought it was noticeably different with Zverev/Kerber. Or was it just me?

Author — Simon Butler


16:37 that is a pretty insane volley putting them to absolute shame then hearing the bs commentary

Author — Sammy abrams


Zverev said after the match Federer should have let him win this tournament because Fed wins everything. It was a really funny post-match speech

Author — Devajyoti Chakraborty


Imagine what would have happened if martina hingis had been playing with roger

Author — Saranga Choudhury


I always knew Fed the best. Watch him play whole court at net.

Author — Connie B


I wish Z would tighten up that first serve percentage. His toss is too high and erratic.

Author — Daniel Gregson


Why do Roger and Belinda keep choosing Belinda to receive on the deciding point?

Author — Staci Towery


What a great match full 💯 credit to the ladies

Author — JB


Well, kerber didn't seem to be much happy playing. Nothing direct, but from her HiFis you can somehow feel that disinterest in her. Dk why., 🤷🏻‍♂️

Author — Vaibhav Malipatil


Please please upload Federer vs Zverev 2018 Hopman cup final (full match replay)

Author — S H


good stuff, just not enough of it. Format much too clipped. Should be 3 full sets with regular tie-breaks.

Author — David Luck


@5:00 Bencic : COMON COMON
Fed : hmm 😒

Author — Dhruv