Patrick Stewart Chose A Pit Bull Terrier As Captain Picard's #1 In 'Star Trek: Picard'

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Patrick Stewart Chose A Pit Bull Terrier As Captain Picard's #1 In 'Star Trek: Picard' 5
The Captain returns! Patrick Stewart, who is reprising his role as one of the greatest TV characters of all time in "Star Trek: Picard" on CBS All Access, is a big advocate for Pit Bull Terriers and specifically requested that Picard's dog in the new series be a Pit Bull. #Colbert #PatrickStewart #StarTrek

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Patrick Stewart talks about how movies were an escape for him during rough childhood. Star Trek was that for me during a rough childhood. I was often without a father figure as a boy. Jean-Luc Picard was that for me.

Author — DoctorLazers


Patrick Stewart isn't a national treasure, He's a galactic gem!

Author — Gregory Paul


"...the rest of my life, certainly." Goddammit you're not allowed to die, Patrick Stewart.

Author — Sensitive Petal Flower


This world doesn’t deserve dogs and doesn’t deserve Patrick Stewart but dammit if we didn’t get lucky and end up with both.

Author — Kristen Kuruugaa


"It had to be a pitbull." - Jean-Luc Picard continuing to be the most English Frenchman ever. I love it.

Author — András Agócs


"Why did you relinquish your US Citizinship?"

Author — Khannea


I've never seen an 80 year old act so young. Clearly he's enjoying life to the max.

Author — Ben Willock


The work he and his wife does with fostering pit bulls is phenomenal.

Author — Melissa Tiller


If I could just spend an evening at a cafe with him and listen to his life stories, that would be perfect.

Author — Not AThing


Bless him for his rescue volunteering and affection for animals... Not just dogs. I wish I could give him a hug just on that, but I'm also a huge Trek fan and wish him every joy from every endeavor!!!

Author — jaspr1999


The most humble actor alive. I am so glad he's once again telling Jean-Luc's story. Picard is my favorite Star Trek Captain.

Author — TheKrazysexykool


I love his work with Ginger and pitbulls. And worship his talent and friendship with Sir Ian Mckellen

Author — Laughing Out Loud


Even though I personal think he was the best Starfleet captain ever, his performance of Macbeth and the "tomorrow and tomorrow" soliloquy will be what I will always remember him for.

Author — Peoples Republic of Ninj


So cool to see that Sir Patrick Stewart has a pitbull and fights for their acceptance!!

Author — Jerminator 356


"Captain Kirk would kick Pickard's ass."

"Oh yeah, well at least Pickard had the guts to admit he is bald ".

"What, ... you take that back "!

Author — Radagast Brown


If I could just spend an evening with him in a cafe, library and listen to him read Shakespeare while sitting on large comfy couches with dogs. Heaven.🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕

Author — Ciara Grey


INTERVIEWER: "So why DID you leave leave Star Fleet, Admiral?
PICARD: "It was, as you suspected, all to do with Lt. Commander Data... they... they... UPGRADED him..."
INTERVIEWER: "But Lt. Commander Data received upgrades on a regular basis, I don't see--"
PICARD: "... to Windows 10!"

Author — Marius Thefaker


Nobility is not a birth-right, it is defined by one’s actions.
And Sir Patrick Steward is living proof. I loved him as a child and than I discovered his love for pits. He is an idol.

Author — Crazy_Austrian .:.


Seeing Patrick Stewart physically walk out like he's still in his 20s makes me so happy.

Author — Jukes Junk


Even his interviews are epic lol. He talks with such passion about ordinary things... love it!

Author — A Ream