Repotting 10 Oncidium Orchids in one go! - How I handle different sick Orchids

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Today I repot ALL the Oncidium type orchids I purchased a few days ago! They are all pretty sick, but in different stages of decline.
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No wonder everyone's so afraid or intimidated of growing Orchids, most of them are already doomed from the nursery... it's such a shame, but thankfully, there are people such as yourself to help us save them. Or at least try. I can hardly wait to repot my new Orchids, although I'm still intimidated.

Author — Valium's Urban Jungle


Thanks Danny, this was such a great video! It was so informative to actually see you make decisions and how you tug on the roots to see if they are alive or dead.

Author — Raquel U


I love repotting so it was so much fun to see all the orchids and situations that you came across. So yes, keep this type of video coming.

Author — Dana Beadle


Oh my gosh, I've never seen someone have so much love and care for their orchids. I have always been somewhat cautious of them, because of one bad experience. I bought one once in my past, and it died. They're just so beautiful and somewhat costly, for me to just kill them! However, I have a perfect green thumb on everything else just about. So recently I found an orchid discounted to $15, at my local supermarket. I have had her now for over a month and she's just starting to drop her flowers. She has a type of bromelaid just aesthetically shoved into the side of the pot with her. I'm about to muster up some intestinal fortitude and re-pot them both in separate containers. I'll also cut that stalk, as in one of your other videos, and see if I can encourage a 2nd bloom. I would NEVER have the courage to do any of these things without your guidance and inspiration. Thank you so much! Because of you, perhaps I can now add these gorgeous creations of nature to my plant/flower collection. I have always adored orchids but always so intimidated. They really do require a special type of care and attention! And they are definitely worth it! I am so glad I found your channel! God bless you!😁

Author — Gwendolyn Carter


We like to see this type of videos like this guys if you agree

Author — K.A.M. Jagadish Kumar


Hi Danny. Yes this was an invaluable repotting showing different situations and problems that can exist within a group and different techniques to remedy that might cover more viewers. You're right about needing two years. My first oncidium the Sherry baby I bought two years ago that was in worst of shape is beginning to spike I discovered this weekend. I almost threw away twice and decided not to give up and though its' spike is wonky will give me a bloom, credit to your vids.

Author — T Y


After watching this video, I finally felt confident enough to repot my oncidium! It was much needed and so far, successful. Thank you so much!

Author — Tori 13


Loved this video! I just bought 9 sick baby orchids, been watching your videos to figure out how to make them healthy!

Author — Sandy Pell


Thanks Danny! This is a very very informative repotting video that I need and enjoy to watch. 1 question: when repotting phalaenopsis with unhealthy root, should root not be wrapped with wet moss but bark? I had some phal with few root repotted last week. I found the unheathly root gone in the wet moss very soon. I wonder if the wet moss would cause the unheathly root rotten easily, without a chance to bounce back. Thanks!

Author — Victor Mak


Love this format because of all the education. And it’s easy to go back and see all the reportings in one

Author — RockYourNails


You're amazing. Your videos are just so enjoyable to watch even if I don't have this type of orchid yet. Keep up the great work.

Author — elqueleeestoesgay


Very useful and specific! I had problems after separating and repotting Cambria Alpine purchased from Cameleonorchids. One or two pseudobulbs get orange rot in each section. My roots looked like your Eurostar. Only one made a flower spike, but is shrinking and the leaves started to get yelow (although I respected all stages of repotting and desinfecting). I want you to make a progress video about the care you gave to these repotted orchids after a month or two.

Author — Carmen Ioanitoiu


So glad I found this video Dani! I recently purchased 4 oncidium orchids and will be repotting soon.
As always, your videos are educational and FUN to watch.

Author — Vivien Lee


I like this format, especially in this instance. Oncidium intergenerics are my favorite and you have some stunning examples here.

Author — Taylor Tillandsia


So, here i am watching this a year late, as ironically I've been too busy caring for my own collection. However, I wanted to comment that this was one of the most helpful videos I've watched. I FINALLY feel confident about dealing with roots and re-potting. Having started with phals that are pretty self-explanatory, oncidium roots were tricky. Thanks again for all you share. :)

Author — Teresa Brockett


Hey danni! I love you’re videos and take notes on them to retain knowledge. Keep up the good work!

Author — possibly sabrina


I really enjoyed this video, Danny. Making decisions according to what you find. Very interesting xxx

Author — Aunty Linda


Hi Danny, I really enjoyed the repotting video. I think it would be awesome to see more. Thanks🤗

Author — Susan Miller


Thanks for this video. I really would be very interested how many from these 10 plants made it. Did you do an update or did I just miss it. By the way the doves 'sound' great.

Author — Anna Reiter


this was a great video! I inherited a sick oncidium when my dad passed away end of summer and I'm finally going to repot it and see what the roots look like. Now I feel more confident about what to do!

Author — Meredith Eustis