Best of Stupid Game Show Answers (SGSA)

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Best of Stupid Game Show Answers (SGSA) 5
My favorite picks of stupid game show answers. I don't own the copyright to these video clips but they can be viewed from "stupidgsa's" channel at the link below:

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"What's a hoe" should be accepted, honestly.

Author — S. P. Spatafore


*"You're watching balls go back and forth at 160mph. What sport is that?"*

*_I'M C R Y I N G_*

Author — DJ SCR4TCHK4T


So people were stupid before the internet, good to know.

Author — Austracy


Good thing Steve Harvey was not on any of these
With the pause he takes this would have been a 12 hour video

Author — Jorge


Well, a ho is an immoral pleasure seeker and a long handled garden tool. Don't they kind of have to give him that one?

Author — Paul TheSkeptic


To be honest, the hoe jeopardy answer was good. Come on, the people who wrote that question did that on purpose.

Author — Colin Haynes


"name something worn only by children"

Author — omnidiscord


Person: Do you prefer ketcup or mustard?

Me: p o o l t a b l e

Author — Ned 4ever


When you don’t know what a decade is but neither does your husband but then he cones up with math that would make you wrong but he still gets that math wrong so you end up guessing right

Author — Mikeology


“what are bagels?”
*I don’t know i’m mormon*

Author — Samantha Brown


"Got a boyfriend?"
"Oh I mean do you have a girlfriend?"
"No I'm gay"
That's too perfect

Author — Nicholas Dihrkop


"who are three people who have never been in my kitchen" HOW DO THEY COME UP WITH THESE ANSWERS

Author — Sebastien Chen


To be fair - orgasm and organism are very close. 🤣

Author — kasskitten92


"What would your husband say is his favourite thing to the supermarket?"

"His meat.

He's a butcher~"

Author — Cynder757


"What should you do about a hairy back?"
"I usually close my eyes and imagine she's wearing an alpaca sweater."

Author — Simply Spice


"have you got a boyfriend? Oh sorry! I mean girlfriend!! Do you have a girlfriend?"
"No I'm gay."

Author — SpicyCurrey


Al, -$600
Aimee -$200
Ken $14, 800

Also Ken: "What is a Hoe?"

Author — dan hat


She'd be 10 decades... Match made in Heaven... her rejoicing look... damn! 8:07

Author — Geilor theFormlessOne


“Your wife says they have more grass than you do.”

“I wouldn’t bet on that..”
🤣 💀

Author — Jacqueline Willett


"Which letter of the alphabet sounds exactly the same as a term for a female sheep?"


". . . *mildly distressed/confused* UUUU!"

"*stares blankly* . . ."

". . . Nevermind."

The hostess sounds so done with him . . .

Author — KattriellaDoesStuff