Blanche - City Lights (Belgium) Eurovision 2017 - Official Music Video

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Blanche will represent Belgium at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the song City Lights

Written & directed by Simon Vanrie & Brice VDH

Production company : Nada
Executive producer : Barbara Dauby
DOP : Brice VDH
Art Direction : Simon Vanrie
VFX : Olivier Sipesaque & Corentin Laplatte Color grading : Xavier
Dockx Drone : Robin Smit

Gaffer : Thomas Lescart
Best boy : Nicolas Nollomont
Styling : Charlotte & Simon
Hairdresser & Make-up : Margaux Cabuy
Catering : Eva Széchenyi


💬 Comments

2020 and this song still gives me chills each time i listen to it ...

Author — Spongebob0911


2021 and still this song literally give me CHILLS

Author — Maria.z


I can't understand why Eurovision songs like this often don't get played on radio despite being quality music. I think Eurovision songs deserve to be played on radio more.

Author — T.A. Nguyen


ALL ALONG IN THE I still remember listening to this for the first time ever. I was completely stunned and in awe!

Author — Mike Kuypers


She placed 4th in Eurovision but she placed 1st in my heart <3 #CityLights

Author — Lucas


This was by far the most beautiful song of the competition

Author — Big Squid


I'm 13 years old, I'm from Russia and I was recently in Belgium, I really liked Belgium and this song reminds me of belgium. I dream of visiting Belgium again.Greeteings from Russia!)

Author — Zeno Zeno


So this is where Duncan Laurence got his lamp from!

Author — ClassicalMusic 3


I don’t think people realize the pure talent singing that low for a female. The control and stability throughout the song is amazing.

Author — Elena Heimark


this is such a beautiful song, you have a stunning voice lady

Author — Creative Thirza


The song is a wonderful piece of dark synth-pop, but, alas, the performer could not conceal her petrifying stage fright to do the song justice when it mattered. I hope the poor girl overcomes the problem with time and guidance from mentors. I hear the song is doing well commercially, so it has a life beyond ESC!

Author — tamcon72


This is an absolute tune that I will continue to listen too until I last!

Author — ItsLewisMorg


The strongest entry of this year <3

Author — Mkhitaryan's Girlfriend


This is honestly one of the best songs I've ever heard at Eurovision. It definitely deserved to win this year. I hope she releases an album soon as she's got a great and very unique voice and I'd love to hear more of her music, it strangely reminds me of the band The National!

Author — Terry Cooper


And in my country you still hear City Lights on the radio every week! This was surely our most succesful entry in a long time

Author — Jorben Duprel


My Top:
1. Belgium
2. Helium
3. Calcium
4. Titanium
5. Sodium
6. Lithium
7. Magnesium
8. Potassium
Greetings from AQUARIUM!

Author — jheffhree


Thank you Belgium to make us listen this beautiful song.

Author — Neuron Canavarı


This song is so amazing that it's freezing even my soul

Author — Sanne w


After almost one year, this is the only song I remember....greets from Germany

Author — Christian Sende


Belgium! What's happening? First Loïc, then Laura Tesoro, now this? You guys really want to win, huh? I love it when a country known for less special songs really steps up their game. You're becoming one of the best countries in the competition. :-)

Author — Cristian A. Sas