Italy suffers highest single-day death toll since coronavirus outbreak began

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Italy suffers highest single-day death toll since coronavirus outbreak began 4.5
The coronavirus continues to devastate Europe, with Italy suffering the most cases. In the past 24 hours, 627 people have died in Italy, while thousands more are being treated in overcrowded hospitals. Ian Lee reports.

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Condolences to all that is suffering from this.

Author — One Truth Ministry


“Everybody died alone”. Heartbreaking.

Author — Camilla Brandão


Feels like we are 5 minutes into the opening montage of a B list disaster movie

Author — Konata


Anyone that believes China's official death toll is a fool. It's probally in the 100s of thousands.

Author — Mike Palmer


Praying for the people in Italy. GOD my heart goes out to my mother's land. God bless you all. We are with you.

Author — Mary Miskanis


At this point, the coronavirus isn't a virus. It's a deadly disease movie.

Author — Whale PG3D


This is the headline today, and it will be the headline tomorrow, and the day after that. Until it peaks. That's how exponentials work.

Author — Faceless Man


God bless you Italy.

Our thoughts are with you and your beautiful country.

Best wishes from Scotland!

Author — John Baker


"China has reaches a milestone" Baloney. They haven't been honest about this since day one, highly unlikely they are being honest now.

Author — Joseph Schmoe


3 days reporting the same story. Way to go.

Author — Mundus


Medical staff are the real angels here working day n night to help people.

Author — MJS G


This video was from like 3 days ago yet it was just posted today again

Author — Luke Holloway


Chinese government’s fault
They report too late and no freedom of speech in China

Author — Thien Nguyen


Perhaps China lying and Covering up in the beginning of this was the worst move.

Author — joe stalin


Communist Broadcasting System: "china is a roll model for every nation!"

Author — jhon doe


*Americans today "it's just a flu!" "it's fake!" yes, really*

Author — Uncle Timo


“All of these people died alone” really? What a terrible and up comforting tidbit to add to those grieving a loss right now!!!!

Author — Marie Camille


They recycled the title and a lot of these clips. Pretty damn lazy

Author — Don Solo


Why are we constantly being shown the same footage from the same intensive care area???

Author — James Jack


I find it funny how we can spend billions on killing each other with war and advanced weapons. But we can't stop a virus

Author — Mikkel Hansen